Tuk Pancor Waterfall in Kembiri Village, Belitung

Nature tourism is everyone’s favorite. In Kembiri Village, you can find Tuk Pancor Waterfall. This unique tourist spot belongs to Membalong District, actually. It is situated in the south part of Belitung Island. The fall is adjacent to a serene river. It is also surrounded by dense trees. These features make a perfect vacation retreat. The name is unique, isn’t it? The waterfall is named after a man called Tuk Pancor. He and his wife, Nek Pancor, lived here back then.

The Nuance
Tuk Pancor Waterfall gives a satisfying impression. In terms of height, the waterfall isn’t quite great. That doesn’t mean you will get bored here. The water debt is moderate. There are some river stones near to it. You can climb and sit on them. Usually, visitors take some pictures while sitting on those stones. Are you interested? When it comes to the environment, the fall is bordered by different types of trees. All of these features become a perfect combination. It radiates an unspoiled nature beauty.

Exploring Tuk Pancor Waterfall
The best thing to do is hiking. In Tuk Pancor, trekking is quite popular. That doesn’t mean you can carelessly do it. Preparation is a must. For instance, you should wear day hiking shoes. These may protect you from harmful gravels. Also, these shoes have a better grip than sandals. The terrain can be quite slippery. This is a fact. With proper footwear, you can climb and move from one stone to another safely. The shoes can even save your life.

A vacation in Tuk Pancor Waterfall is a different experience. Apart from trekking, you can take beautiful pictures. There are many stunning objects nearby. What you need are a good camera and photography skills. If you come together in a group, you may get more varieties of poses for sure. That doesn’t mean you cannot come alone. Some tourists decide to come to the waterfall without a companion. It is because they want to release stresses and obtain peace. Are you interested?

Here is the thing. You should not expect comfortable facilities. The waterfall is located in a secluded nature. There are no food stands or restaurants. Due to this reason, you should have prepared some refreshments. These include snacks, bottled water, a hat, and some medicines. It is rare to visit the waterfall in the evening. Though, some locals do this as they want to catch some fishes. If you come at night, make sure you carry a compact flashlight!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
In order to reach Tuk Pancor Waterfall, you should visit Membalong District. From Jakarta, you need to head to Tanjung Pandan Port. From here, you can use a car and take Membalong Raya Street. The trip is about an hour. The distance is approximately 43 km. If you come from Gantung, it takes up to 2 hours. You need to follow Sudirman Street to Membalong. The distance is 88 km. A private or rented car is definitely the best choice.

Where to Stay

  • Arumdalu Private Resort
  • Horison Belitung Hotel

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