Museum Kata Andrea Hirata

Museum Kata Andrea Hirata is located on the street Laskar Pelangi 7, Gantong, East Belitung. The atmosphere that presented in Laskar Pelangi novel will immediately felt when we arrive in front of this museum. The photos that been posted on museum hall tell about the journey of literature that become one of Belitung’s pride.

When coming to this museum, the visitors will be invited to commemorating the novel of Laskar Pelangi. It starting from the trailer page until the main story that becomes the best-selling novel and turned into a box-office movie in Indonesia. Entering the museum, we will see photographs of the author with inspiring sentences. One of the inspirational words is "Keep on dreaming, for God will always hugs you”. In addition, there are also excerpts from the novels which have been published in various languages.

While you exploring more into the inside of museum, you will be greeted with a very comfortable room, complete with a table and books that spread over it. In this room are also displayed photographs of scenes of Laskar Pelangi the movie. The cover of Laskar Pelangi that been published in various countries is also adorning the walls of this room.

The main room at this museum is named based on the names of the characters in Laskar Pelangi. The first room is Ruang Ikal. In this space, visitors can see a snapshot of a novel depicting the figure of Ikal. The next room is Ruang Lintang. Lintang on Laskar Pelangi is a smart figure that made proud from his friends. In this space, visitors can see the photographs of Lintang that taken from the movie Laskar Pelangi. In addition, there is one other area that is located a little apart by Ruang Ikal and Ruang Lintang. The space is Ruang Mahar. Mahar is known as an eccentric figure who likes a variety of art forms. In this space, visitors can see photographs of the artists that inspiring Mahar, one of ther is Rhoma Irama. After passing Ruang Mahar, the visitors will get into the kitchen space. In this space, the visitors will see a kitchen that converted into a coffee shop.

The museum was founded by the author of the novel Laskar Pelangi, Andrea Hirata. To get into the museum, which was inaugurated in November 2012, the visitors are free charged.

Museum Kata Andrea Hirata became the first and the only one literature museum in Indonesia. Visiting the museum can make visitors know how the literature becomes an important part of life. From this museum, visitors can get inspired to love literature, both in Indonesia and abroad.

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