Hiking on Kubing Mountain – Membalong, Belitung

Nature tourism is the source of adventures. In Belitung Island, you can find many beautiful tourist spots. For instance, it is Kubing Mountain. This wilderness is located in Membalong District. The mountain is famous for its wild landscape and the spring. It is quite natural. Visitors can enjoy limitless natural views like dense trees and green hills. For those who love trekking and hiking, Kubing is a top priority. It also becomes a destination for photography. Thanks to beautiful nature and solemn atmosphere.

The Nuance
Most of the terrain in Kubing Mountain is dense forest. That means it is covered by trees and plants. They come in different size and type. Apart from flora, the mountain features a famous natural spring. It is the main attraction, after all. The water is fresh and clear. It also features some rocks. One thing, you must wear proper footwear, this location can be quite slippery. When it comes to the atmosphere, the mountain offers cool and nonviolent nuance.

Exploring Kubing Mountain
Both local people and foreigners have acknowledged the beauty of Kubing Mountain. It features unspoiled wilderness. Despite its poor accessibility, the mountain has been visited over time. Once again, you should give more efforts to explore the mountain. The best part to explore is the hill and it has the height about 300 meters. Not to mention you must walk for about 10 minutes. No vehicles are able to reach such location. That means you should have prepared for everything.

In the foot of Kubing Mountain, there are rocky terrains. It also features a sluice. These create a peaceful mood for tourists. One thing, you should never litter! Make sure you don’t ruin the environment, as well. Another precaution is the facilities. Since it is nature tourism, you should not expect restaurants and other luxuries. There are only restrooms. Unfortunately, these have a bad condition. Since there are no keepers, you must not complain a lot.

Another thing to do in Kubing Mountain is hiking. For a safe trekking, you must come in a group. At least, you have a companion. Going alone makes it dangerous and risky. It is better to come with experienced hikers. Here is an idea. Why don’t you hire a local? He has better knowledge than anyone else. For refreshments, some snacks and fresh bottled water are a good idea. Don’t bring too many snacks, though. Otherwise, they only become a burden. When it comes to the best time to visit Kubing, summer is recommended.

Nearby Attractions

  • Leebong Island
  • Batu Baginde

How to Get There
Kubing Mountain belongs to Membalong District. If you come from Tanjung Pandan, take Membalong Raya Street. The distance is 71 km. The fastest vehicle is indeed a car. It is also more comfortable than other types of transportation. For a better navigation, it is better to hire a tour guide. This person provides important information regarding nearby tour spots and hotels. He also guides you to the mountain in a professional manner. One thing, it takes much money to pay him.

Where to Stay

  • Arumdalu Private Resort
  • Horison Hotel

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