Open Pit in Kik Karak Hill, East Belitung

If you want to explore East Belitung, there is a famous nature tourism called Open Pit. It is actually the reminiscence of a tin mining. The location is in Kik Karak Hill. The mining has been inactive since the 20th century. The exact location is in Senyubuk Village. You only need to head to Kelapa Kampit District. Today, it becomes a tourist spot. It is a new lure for tourists. Most people come here due to its beautiful landscape. This location also becomes a good place for a pre-wedding background.

The Nuance
Open Pit is situated on the highland. There is a small lake in this pit. In terms of appearance, it is quite similar to other mining locations. Near to the pit, you can find a dense forest. The atmosphere is commodious. There are no people nearby. This tin mining has been abandoned for decades. The route isn’t quite good either. Thus, you should not expect paved roads. For a comfortable trip, you must ride an adequate vehicle. In this case, you can talk to your tour agent first prior to visiting Open Pit.

Exploring Open Pit
Since it is a new vacation destination in East Belitung, many people aren’t aware of it. In reality, it was a mining site. People used to mine tin ores in this location. Though, many tourists keep coming recently. It is because they have heard about it. The best part of Open Pit is its lake. In terms of size, it isn’t quite large. It is located precisely in the midst of the mining site. The color of the water is turquoise. It emits a beautiful atmosphere! No wonder, many couples use it as a pre-wedding setting.

Open Pit features high ground. That means you must spend much time and energy to explore it. No one can withstand to walk around the pit. Thus, it is recommended to ride a vehicle. Though, some extreme hikers would love to conquer this terrain. If you love hiking, Open Pit becomes a new challenge. During the trip, you can see numerous plants like nepenthes, ferns, forest orchids, and much more. These make a worthy adventure.

Another attraction is the Stoven. It was a tin furnace. This thing has been on Ki Karak Hill since 1925. Though, it doesn’t operate anymore. If you want to get around the pit, you can take advantage of an ATV. It gives you a smooth and comfortable ride. For a better trip, you should come with a tour guide. He will pinpoint good paths to explore the pit efficiently.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Open Pit is reachable from different locations. If you come from Tanjung Pandan, the trip takes about 42 km. The fastest route is through Bandara – Manggar Street. It takes less than an hour. If you come from Manggar District, it takes less than that. Once you reach Kelapa Kampit District, you must head to Senyubuk Village. From here, you can rent an ATV or ojeck to reach Kik Karak hill.

Where to Stay

  • Horison Hotel Belitung

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