Pantai Teluk Uber

Pantai Teluk Uber or Uber Gulf Coast is one of the coastal tourism on the island of Bangka, precisely in Rambak Village, Srimenanti, District Sungailiat, Bangka. The beach is about 40 km from the city of Pangkalpinang. The beach is so natural and it has a total area of about 25 hectares with overhanging inland locations that form around the bay so that people call it as Pantai Teluk or Gulf Coast.

Along the light golden sandy beach, there are cluster of granite rocks on either side so that the waves coming to this beach being small because it is blocked by the cluster of granite boulders. The contours of sloping beach and the sea water is clean and clear; it has small beach waves that make the beach safe for swimming. The beach is also suitable for those who want to alienate yourself from the noise of the city.

The trees that grow around this beach make it shady and cool. There are dozens of fishermen who are in the middle of the turquoise blue ocean, and it boasts a beautiful view at this gulf. During in the morning or late afternoon is the ideal time to enjoy the sunrise or sunset on the horizon.

There is a hotel that has ten rooms as the only venue if you want to spend the night in this coastal region. Although, the area of tourism is still minor for amenities, but the natural beauty is ready to pamper you.

To reach this place, from the city of Pangkalpinang, you can rent a car around Rp. 350,000. Also, we can use public transportation that serving from Pangkalpinangn to Sungailiat. After arrival in Sungailiat we can rent a motor rickshaw that headed to the Gulf Coast Uber for around Rp. 5000.

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