Visiting Romodong Beach in Bukit Ketok District, Bangka Island

Have you ever heard Romodong Beach? Well, it is one of the best beaches in Bangka Island. The location is near to Penyusuk Beach. Both of them become the charms of Belinyu District. It lies in Romodong Village. The accessibility is good and the road is decent. It holds an interesting history, as well. In the past, this coastal area was managed privately. It was the main spot for relaxation. There were several accommodations and facilities. However, there are no more structures near to the beach. What you can find are granites and trees.

The Nuance
The first impact is the tall granites. These become a natural gate of the beach. That means tourists must pass these stones prior to reaching Romodong. In the right part, the granite has the shape of a giant frog! No wonder, the locals call it Batu Kodok. Apart from granites, you may expect some bushes and thatch. When it comes to the beach, it features soft white sand and clear sea water. In the shorelines, there is a formation of moderate rocks.

Exploring Romodong Beach
Without doubts, the beach has similar beauty to Penyusuk. They are located close to each other, after all. Due to this reason, sightseeing is a common activity. The views are attractive either in the morning or afternoon. Apart from it, beach walking is recommended. It is an opportunity to relax and enjoy the nature. If you want to retreat from daily routines, Romodong is a good option. It also features brisk wind. At noon, the temperature is hot. That means you must wear a hat and a sunglasses.

Romodong Beach has a unique signature. It is called Ngelokan. The locals gather in the seashore to collect big scallops. They call it Lokan. These people have a unique way to catch those clam. They use a traditional tool. The shape is similar to a slingshot. It features an iron in its tip. They put it in the sand and walk backward. This way, the mollusk will come out to the surface. In order to witness this traditional event, you should come in the right time. It is because the mollusk is only available in a particular season.

Another thing to do is a family vacation. You should come with your kids, as well. They are going to love the contour of the beach. It is possible to swim in the water. Though, you must be smart in choosing the spot for swimming. In some parts of the granites, you can find several barnacles. Make sure to wear protective footwear so your feet won’t get hurt.

Nearby Attractions

  • Penyusuk Beach

How to Get There
You can start your trip from Pangkal Pinang. Romodong Beach is situated in Belinyu. It belongs to the same area as Penyusuk Beach. From Pangkal Pinang City, it takes approximately 2 hours. Next, you must continue to Bukit Ketok Village. The best vehicle to use is a rented car. It is both comfortable and fast. For a better navigation, you can rent a driver.

Where to Stay

  • Sam Pesaren Hotel
  • Golden Dragon Hotel

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