Tanjung Berikat Beach in Lubuk Besar District, Bangka Island

Lubuk Besar District is part of Bangka Island. It is also the home of a renowned beach called Tanjung Berikat. To be exact, the location is in Batu Beriga Village. It emits a beautiful nuance. In some occasions, the locals perform a ceremonial culture. They call it Taber Laut. Simply said, they give a charity to the sea. This way, they can eradicate bad things in life. Another attraction is the nautical charm. Some beautiful fishes live in there. Are you interested?

The Nuance
The first impression is the sand. It has the same color as granites’. The white sand never fails to amaze visitors. In the shorelines, you can see a formation of rocks. These become the main ornaments of the beach. Some parts of Tanjung Berikat feature green hills. Those are covered by dense trees. What a wonderful nuance! Next, it is the seawater. The waves aren’t strong and the water is crystal clear. Sometimes, you can even see small fishes plainly.

Exploring Tanjung Berikat Beach
Due to its beauty, the beach becomes the center of coastal fun activities. The most popular one is sightseeing. A sunrise is definitely stunning. It gives a comforting mood for visitors. During the dawning, the sky turns orange. It is reflected perfectly on the seawater. At that time, you should have prepared your camera. The views are indeed striking! Once the sun ups, you are able to witness other attractions around the beach. These include Kuini trees. These features are all natural.

Next, it is the granites. Their size is big. Not to mention they are tall. They are located mostly in the north and east part of the beach. It is possible to climb them. From the top of the granites, the scenery is jaw-dropping. It is a brand new experience for you. In the horizon, there is a small island. It seems far, but it is beautiful. The name is Kelapan Island. No worries. You can reach it easily. A local boat will bring you there.

Another attractive feature is a mini lighthouse. It becomes the guide for incoming boats, especially in the easternmost of Bangka Island. At nightfall, you can witness beautiful flickering lights of fishermen’s boats. These boats are located near to Pangkal Pinang. The night becomes merrier with the sparkling stars and the orb of night. What a romantic nuance! Do you want more? In the next morning, you can see a formation of coral reefs. They are quite gorgeous. These are the home of different types of fishes.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Pangkal Pinang City, you can take Namang – Koba Street. It is going to be a long trip. The distance is about 109 km. That means you may spend more than two hours. A comfortable rented car is the best option. It helps you reach the beach and get around Bangka Island. Make sure to carry much money, though.

Where to Stay

  • Novotel Bangka in Pangkal Pinang

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