Nautical Beauty of Buku Limau Island, East Belitung

Have you ever heard Buku Limau Island? As the name cited, it belongs to Buku Limau Village. It is part of Manggar District, Belitung. Many tourists come here for island hopping. It is because there are about 18 islands in that area. 3 of them have been inhabited by the locals. Thus, exploring those islands one at a time is indeed fun. Apart from that, you can do other things like fishing, swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, etc. In the main island, there is a salted fish traditional manufacture.

The Nuance
White sand is the major feature of Buku Limau Island. The sea water is calm, as well. You can conduct beach walking comfortably. In the shorelines, there are several trees. They aren’t quite big, though. In the horizon, you can witness some small islands. Up in the sky, the clouds are stunning. You can see the bright blue sphere, too. All these features become the major lures of the island. They make a great place for water sports and a vacation retreat.

Exploring Buku Limau Island
This tourist spot features many natural attractions. For example, you may find many types of woods like Vatica, Dipterocarpus, etc. People often use them to create a boat. Also, you can find other floras like bushes and three shrubs. These make a perfect nature panorama. They become the ornaments of the beach along with the white sand. Actually, the best spot to enjoy soft sand is in the east part of the island. All things in this island are gorgeous!

Apart from plants, you can enjoy coral reefs. In fact, these are the major features of the island. They come in numerous types, as well. Next feature is the mangrove. It provides natural benefits to the island. Mangrove protects the land from coastal erosion. Not to mention it becomes the home of many fishes. In some parts of the island, you can find banana trees, coconut trees, papayas, etc. Aren’t they great? It is possible to eat them right on the spot.

Another attraction in Buku Limau Island is the nautical creatures. Beautiful fishes live there. Thus, the island becomes a recommended destination for snorkeling. Some of the fishes are Siganidae, Pteridae, Labradae, and much more. Most of them are coral fishes. Also, you can see some groupers there. The local fishermen aren’t attracted to catch these fishes. That means their number remains abundant. All of those attractions make a perfect island, don’t they? Therefore, you must never miss an opportunity to visit that island!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Your first destination is Manggar District. From Tanjung Pandan City, you can simply follow Badau-Simpang Ranggiang Street. Next, use Tanjung Pandan Tengah – Manggar Street. The whole trip takes about 78 km. Once you reach Manggar, it is time to cross to Buku Limau Island. A local fisherman’s boat will help you to reach it. Overall, it is a worthy trip. At the end of your journey, you will be awarded by limitless nautical beauty.

Where to Stay

  • Puri Indah Hotel
  • Wisata Hotel
  • Oasis Hotel

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