Pice Dam in Lenggang Village, East Belitung

Lenggang Village is the home of a famous dam. The name is Pice Dam. A vacation to East Belitung is not completed without it. It is also situated near to Kata Museum and Laskar Pelangi Elementary School. According to history, the dam was built by the Dutch during the colonialism era. The builder was Sir Vance. The length is about 50 meters. It features several waterways. Each of them has the height of 2.5 meters. Today, many locals come here to relax and spend good times in this historical structure.

The Nuance
Pice Dam has two major colors. They are blue and yellow. The size isn’t quite big, though. The dam features a bridge, so you can walk on it while enjoying the view of the water. In both sizes of the dam, you can find stairs. These are used to reach the bridge. When it comes to the water, it is clear and calm. The dame is also located near to dense trees. Thus, you can feel a peaceful atmosphere here.

Exploring Pice Dam
In terms of appearance, Pice Dam is indeed attractive. It attracts more visitors over time. Today, it becomes a valuable historical vacation destination for everyone. It remains firm and beautiful, after all. It also becomes the proof of the presence of the Dutch Colonialism in Belitung Island. For tourists, the dam has been included in a tour package in Belitung. That means you can visit it after exploring nearby tourist attractions. Some agencies even provide a tour guide to each customer.

The most popular activity is photography. Many visitors come here to take pictures on the dam. They take selfies and capture different parts of the dam freely. One thing, you should be careful with its contexture. Don’t be too careless! The bridge can also be slippery sometimes. Taking selfies is allowed. Though, you must choose a safe spot for photography. If you come with your kids, make sure you take care of them. Don’t let them running around the bridge!

The best time to visit Pice Dam is in the afternoon. You may expect more people at this time. Some visitors choose to sit near to the dam and enjoy the water. The others take advantage of the dam for fishing. The dam is famous for its unique fish. The name is cempedik. Moreover, it is also the home of Arowana. The locals call this fish Kelesak. Either way, Pice is an interesting place to visit. At dusk, you may expect a beautiful sunset.

Nearby Attractions

  • Laskar Pelangi Elementary School
  • Kata Museum
  • Pice Dam

How to Get There
From Tanjung Pandan, you can use the car and take Badau – Simpang Ranggiang Street. The distance to Lenggang Village is about 65 km. The trip takes roughly 1 hour and 10 minutes. If you come from Manggar, you must take Manggar Raya – Gantung Street. The trip takes almost 40 minutes. The distance between Gantung and Lenggang Village is 23 km. For a more comfortable transportation, make sure you use a car. It is because Belitung Island doesn’t feature many public transportation services.

Where to Stay

  • Horison Belitung Hotel
  • Oasis Hotel

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