Relaxing in Taman Merdeka Square, Pangkal Pinang Belitung

Belitung Island consists of many vacation destinations. Pangkal Pinang City is one of them. Here, you can find a good place to hang out. The name is Merdeka Square. The locals often call it ATM, actually. The location is in the midst of the city. You can expect numerous facilities like a tennis court, a volley field, a playground, a theater, and much more. In a nutshell, Merdeka Square is the best place for a family vacation. It also becomes the home of numerous attractions.

The Nuance
ATM or Merdeka Square is easy to describe. It has a main feature, which is a monument. It is surrounded by different types of plants and trees. Redbuds are common, as well. The best time to visit is in the evening. You may expect many people here. Some motorcycles are parked on the roadside. It is a unique view, for sure. Moreover, there are many food stands around the park. These features make a distinct view in Pangkal Pinang City.

Exploring Merdeka Square
Merdeka Square is suitable for everyone, especially families and teenagers. The best activity is hanging out. Make sure you come here with friends or families. If you are thirsty, there is a famous drink called Thai Fushui. It is natural soy milk. You can have either iced or warmth soymilk, actually. On top of that, it is cheap! ATM is always crowded in the evening. It is visited by both locals and tourists. Due to this reason, it is possible to make new friends in ATM.

Near to Merdeka Square, there are many types of restaurants. Some local food vendors also gather in this location. Apart from Thai Fushui, you can enjoy Pempek, roasted corn, fruits soup, and much more. Do you love smoking? There are some spots to enjoy Sisha. With these amenities, all visitors won’t get bored. In the evening, you may expect beautiful garden lamps. You can simply sit and relax while enjoying a soothing nuance in this park.

There are many types of people visiting Merdeka Square. Many kids also often visit ATM. Usually, they play an RC. The thing is you can find many toy vendors, as well. If you come with your kids, you can buy them some toys. Some people simply enjoy the internet facility. They browse the internet either using a mobile phone or a laptop. Some nearby offices provide a free Wi-fi connection. Another attraction is the occasional performances. If you come at the right time, you can enjoy interesting concerts.

Nearby Attractions

  • Bangka Botanical Garden
  • Pasir Padi Beach
  • Tapak Hantu Beach

How to Get There
Merdeka Square is located on Merdeka Street. From Tanjung Pandan, you can directly head to Pangkal Pinang City. There is a local transportation called “angkot”. Pick the red one! You can find them around Ramayana Market. The destination is ATM. No worries. The fee is affordable. There are two best times to enjoy your vacation in Merdeka Square. First, it is in the morning. You shouldn’t expect many people, though. It is the best time for relaxation. Another option is in the evening. At that time, you may expect more people and attractions.

Where to Stay

  • Grand Mutiara Hotel
  • Mitra Garden Hotel
  • Menumbing Hotel
  • Grand Sabrina Hotel
  • Bumi Asih Hotel

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