Gurok Beraye Waterfall in Air Pegantungan Village

Nature tourism gives a peaceful feeling. In Belitung Island, you can find many enchanting spots to enjoy Mother Nature. For example, there is Gurok Beraye waterfall near to Tajam Mountain. This lovely waterfall is located in Kacang Botor Village. It belongs to Badau District. No worries. Everyone can reach it easily. The thing is you should not expect normal waterfall. The water doesn’t fall freely like other falls. Instead, it flows in the sidelines of river rocks. This is a soothing sight, for sure.

The Nuance
Gurok Beraye waterfall is located near to Tajam Mountain. That means you can explore two unique tourist spots one at a time. One thing, you should not expect falling water. Instead, it is flowing water. You won’t hear noisy water splash either. The water flows from the hill to the natural pond below. The water is clear, as well. On top of that, you can hear the sounds of birds. All of these charms make a serene spot to enjoy a vacation retreat. The waterfall is also covered by wild plants. What a perfect paradise!

Exploring Gurok Beraye Waterfall
The water comes from natural spring. It is clean and fresh. The best time to visit Gurok Beraye waterfall is in the morning, so you can feel soothing atmosphere there. What are the best things to do in this location? Well, it depends on. It can be as simple as enjoying the nature. You only need to relax while witnessing the mother of nature. During holidays, many people swarm this area. At that time, you should make some new friends!

The fresh water is quite tempting. Make sure you get in the water. It is because the natural spring may replenish your stamina. As mentioned earlier, the waterfall is loaded by visitors during weekends and holidays. In fact, there are some foreigners as well. Here is the tip. You should come when there are not many visitors. Once you enjoy a nature bath, you can explore the nearby terrain. Photography is a good idea. Thus, you must make sure to carry a digital camera.

Gurok Beraye waterfall is also suitable for trekking. The trip takes no much time. Though, the route isn’t quite good. It is better to come with a local guide. In some occasions, you may encounter fallen trees ahead. The fallen leaves also become the part of your adventure. Near to the waterfall, there are several old buildings. The locals say those structures were used by the Dutch in the 20th century. Unfortunately, there are no gazebos yet. Visitors can only relax and sit under the trees.

Nearby Attractions

  • Tajam Mountain
  • Batu Mentas
  • Kaolin Lake

How to Get There
Gurok Beraye Waterfall lies in Kacang Botor Village. That means you must head to Badau District first. If you come from Tanjung Pandan, it takes about 40 minutes. The distance is 25 km. Your trip is going to be comfortable as you may expect smooth streets and beautiful views of nature. When it comes to transportation, a rented car is the best choice.

Where to Stay

  • Hanggar 21
  • Demuon Hotel

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