An Old-style yet Beautiful Belitung Traditional House in Tanjung Pandan

Belitung Island offers an unlimited vacation destination. For tourists, nature is not only an option. You can find unique cultures and traditional buildings in a particular place. For example, there is a simple but beautiful Belitung Traditional House in Tanjung Pandan. The location is in Ahmad Yani Street. The house applies a “Panggung” concept. The bottom part of the house is hollow. Actually, it is a reconstruction of Rumah Gede. Most of the parts are made of wood. Today, it becomes an interesting tourist lure in Tanjung Pandan City.

The Nuance
Belitung Traditional House has a surface area about 500 square meters. It has a distinct appearance as well. You can easily notice its uniqueness. The house has 5 parts and each of them has a different function. In front of the house, you may see 4 beautiful ornaments and several plants. These make a soothing ambiance. All visitors would be stunned, for sure. The house is also surrounded by several trees. These make a wonderful environment. Yet, it is only the beginning. Your tour gets more exciting inside the house.

Exploring Belitung Traditional House
Once you enter the house, it feels comfortable and spacious. There are 3 major rooms. They are the main room, loss, and a kitchen. The first encounter is the terrace. It is spacious so visitors can relax here. Next, you may reach the main room. The room has numerous ornaments. These represent Belitung’s characteristics. There is also a cupboard in the left part of the room. It stores Belitung’s traditional wedding dress. The name is Kancing Lima. In the right part, you can find a bridal chamber and many photographs.

The next room is the loss. It separates the main room and the kitchen. It doesn’t have a significant function, though. Next, you can reach the kitchen. It is located in the tail piece of the house. Why is that? A kitchen represents a dirty and busy place. It should be situated in the back of the house. All these rooms are worth to explore. In fact, visitors are allowed to take some pictures. One thing, you should not make fuss or mess inside.

Belitung Traditional House was built in 2004. It opened for public 5 years later. Many tourists are impressed by its design and material. The house was constructed mainly using ironwood. Thus, it can last long. Another plus point is its location. It is situated in a strategic area. You can easily reach it from the main city. According to the locals, the house adopted Kalimantan’s traditional house concept. That means there is a relation between Kalimantan Tribe and Sumatranese.

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How to Get There
Belitung Traditional House is situated in Tanjung Pandan. From Jakarta, you can ride a ferry to Tanjung Pandan Port. From here, take a public transportation to reach Ahmad Yani Street. The house is noticeable, so you can find it easily. It is also located beside Regent’s Office. All visitors won’t be troubled in looking for this house. If you come from Hanandjoeddin Airport, it takes about 20 minutes.

Where to Stay

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