Romodang Beach, Bangka

Romodang Beach

Romodang beach is located in Belinyu area, north Bangka 77 km from Sungailiat. We can see the very dramatic sunset at noon from this beach and those who like fishing, this is the perfect place to go for it.

Moreover, this beach is always visited by those who want to spend time with family and friends for recreational holiday. One of characteristics from this beach is on the stone gate before reaching the beach. Local society call this gate as “Batu Belah Tangkup” or sandwich stone.

Another characteristic is coming from the other rock that looks like a frog. People around the beach call it as Batu Kodok or Frog Stone. This stone is located before the gate. The wave, the windy situation, the white sandy beach and the rocks around the beach is make this destination worth to be visited.

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