Get Back to Nature in the Onsen Hot Spring Resort, Malang

Batu, Malang, the city which is known for its wealth of natural tourism presents a new experience in the form of a thick Japanese feel at a resort called The Onsen Hot Spring. The resort is surrounded by pine trees with a backdrop of mountain views, making The Onsen Hot Spring Malang atmosphere so similar to the atmosphere at the foot of Mount Fuji.

The term Onsen itself in Japan is a public hot spring bath that is separate for women and men. At The Onsen Hot Spring Malang, tourists can enjoy private onsen facilities in each cottage. The hot water at this resort comes directly from nature around the Songgoriti Temple. The water can reach a temperature of 42 degrees Celsius and contains sulfur which is good for health.

Soaking in the onsen while enjoying the beauty of the mountains and pine forests makes it feel like we are in Japan.

At this resort, tourists can also rent kimono clothes to take pictures in various photogenic angles. One of the spots that can be considered very Japanese is Torii. A traditional gate that is often found in Japan, especially when entering the Shinto Shrine area, one of the Buddhist temples in Japan. These gates are generally red and appear more pointed at the ends.

The atmosphere of the inn was made to really resemble rooms in Japan, like the one in the Doraemon cartoon for example. There is no cot in the room, so the mattress is directly placed on the floor.

Uniquely, not only does it present Japanese nuances in interior and exterior design, The Onsen Hot Spring Malang also presents a thick Japanese feel in the form of dishes and tea drinking traditions. At the Fushimi restaurant, tourists can enjoy anke Japanese dishes, such as sushi, sashimi, ramen and many more. There are also various Indonesian and international dishes for those who don’t like Japanese cuisine.

The Onsen Hot Spring is located at Jalan Raya Arumdalu, Songgoriti, Batu, Malang. Tourists who want to just take pictures in the resort area are also allowed, so they don’t have to stay here.


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