Sibolangit Waterfall, Exotic Feels Around Medan City

Being part of North Sumatra Province, Deli Serdang Regency offers a different tourist experience for everyone. The most common reasons to visit this area must be the various natural attractions, especially waterfalls. One of them is located in Sibolangit District, namely Dua Warna Waterfall. To be precise, this waterfall in Bandar Baru Village offers an exotic feel for its visitors. It is true that tourists have to pass through the forest to reach this location. However, this trip will be fun and interesting! Thanks to the beautiful scenery and comfortable Sumatran atmosphere.

Dua Warna Waterfall is located in a remote area and in the middle of the forest. Not surprisingly, tourists need to do trekking to reach the location. The environment is neat and well maintained. Telaga Biru Waterfall is actually another name and has a height of about 75 meters. Not to mention the waterfall is at an altitude of 1,475 meters above sea level, so the atmosphere there feels so cool. For information, this waterfall is located in Hulu Sinembah 1, which was formed by the explosion of Mount Sibayak.


As the name suggests, this waterfall comes in two beautiful colors. It’s white and clear blue! The blue one is noticeably cooler than the others and features some green print around it. As for the clear water, it feels warm and looks more stunning. These two water releases are also separated by several smaller waterfalls!

Indeed, most tourists come to Dua Warna Waterfall to witness the phenomenon firsthand. However, visitors also come to the site for other reasons. For example, they want to enjoy the feel of camping! The location is indeed close to the Sibolangit Camping Area. The combination of a stunning waterfall and a serene atmosphere makes this location even more comfortable for camping and other outdoor activities such as exploration, of course.

For information, Dua Warna Waterfall gets its water from Mount Sibayak. It is at over 1000 meters above sea level and it is considered sacred too! In fact, some local Chinese often come to the site for pilgrimages! Another thing that tourists often do at this location is definitely swimming or bathing in the natural pool under the waterfall!

Route to Location

It took a lot of effort to get to the Two Colors Waterfall. First, tourists must reach Deli Serdang Regency. If they come from Medan City, they may spend about 59 minutes because the distance is 25.3 km. Do not worry. This trip becomes faster if you go through Jalan Pertahanan Patumbak. Later, from Deli Serdang, they lived to Bandar Baru Village in Sibolangit District where the waterfall is located. The distance is 52.9 km, so the trip takes about 1 hour 34 minutes. Meanwhile, the best route is Jalan Jamin Ginting.

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