Soekarno’s Exile at Menumbing Mountain, Bangka Island, Bangka Belitung

Located in Muntok area in the northwest of the island of Bangka, Mount Menumbing has a height of about 355 meters above sea level. At Mount Menumbing, there is an exile pension of Indonesia’s first President Bung Karno and Vice President Bung Hatta by the Dutch during 1948-1949 on the island of Bangka.

The exile pension is guarded by the family who is also Abdi Dalem Sultan Palace of Yogyakarta, since generation to generation, where since day one they have responsibility to maintain Bung Karno and Bung Hatta during their exile in Bangka.

Manumbing Mt is administratively located in Air Belo Village, Mentok, West Bangka Regency, Bangka Belitung

The former President Soekarno, and the Vice President Moh. Hatta was stay in the guesthouse during their exile in 1949. Foreign missions came there for negotiating with our former President; the plane from UNCI (United Nations Commission for Indonesia) flew back and forth from Jakarta to Bangka Island during that period. This place is also called as Wisma Ranggam. The room, which was used by the late President as well as his car, is still can be seen in the building. Many Indonesians still like to visit this place of pilgrimage and see the well-kept personal belongings of the two former leaders, which are still in the compound.

The location of Mentok city is relatively far from the airport Depati Amir. It takes about 3 hours to get to the city. The Soekarno’s exile place is a secluded guest house with surrounded by forests and the access is very limited. The First post before reaching Menumbing is only one way in and out available by a vehicle that heading to the top of the Mount Menumbing.

To reach the top, you need to rent a car, because up to now this location is remote and not accessible by public transportation. There is a security post just below the foothills of the mountain Menumbing. To enter the mountain area, you will pay Rp. 30,000 per car which can be paid at the post. You will need to confirm in the post to find out if there are cars that want to come down from the top of the mountain, because the road is one way.

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