Teropong Island

Teropong beach is a beach that located in an area with Keramat beach, at Desa Lalang, District manggar, East Belitung, Bangka Belitung province. This beach is being called as Teropong Beach or Binocular because formerly, during the Dutch colonial period, there were binoculars that mounted by the Dutch in the hill directly adjacent to the beach to watch over the ships that carrying oil out at Pier Olivier.

The Binocular is now being removed, but you can still find the pole that being used to put the binoculars on a hill at the edge of this beach. Local residents call the hill with the name of Bukit Samak. That is because this hill formerly was overgrown by Samak trees. You can down the hill and see the cliff with a height of about six meters and find water that hidden behind Samak hill.

Teropong beach is rarely visited by people but has a very beautiful view, especially during sunrise. A shady Samak Hill that covered with trees, blue water, white sand and crystal clear water that the spoil the eyes. It was said that this breathtaking sunrise at Teropong beach is the prettiest scenery in Manggar.

From the top of Bukit Samak, while enjoying views of Teropon Beach, you can see the ruin of Pier Oliver, Nyiur Melambai beach and Keramat beach. On top of the hill is also available gazebo where you can relax while seeing the view at Teropong Beach. food and beverage vendors are also available in this place.

From Tanjung Pandan you can rent a car to go to the Teropong beach. The car rental rate is start from Rp. 250,000 per day. Or you can also use the bus from the terminal Tanjungpandan that majoring to Manggar. From Manggar you can use a motorcycle taxi to go to the beach at the rate according to the agreement.

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