Relaxing in Parit Kemang Lake, Kelapa Kampit East Belitung

Kelapa Kampit District is located in East Belitung. If you are visiting Bangka Belitung Province, you must not miss it. There is a veiled lake in that district. The name is Parit Kemang Lake. It is situated at the foot of Kik Kara Mountain. Actually, the lake becomes the primary water source of East Belitung’s water supply company. Apart from that, it becomes the locals’ clean water reserves. The lake also has a valuable historical value. It was the part of a foreign company, which conducted a mining activity in this area. Today, people come here for a vacation.

The Nuance
The size of Parit Kemang Lake is about 60 hectare. It has a unique beauty. When it comes to the water clarity, it is definitely splendid. The best time to visit the lake is before sunrise. The sun ray reflects on the lake water beautifully during sunrise. The thing is this location was a mining site. The lake becomes more than a tourist spot. The locals consider it as the source of natural water. No wonder, you can find a settlement near to the lake.

Exploring Parit Kemang Lake
The most common thing to do in Parit Kemang Lake is photography. No one wants to miss the beautiful landscape around this lake. You can come either in the morning or afternoon. The water is worth a shot. Even though it can’t beat Toba Lake, Parit Kemang has a distinct beauty. Make sure to come in Golden moment, which is 20 minutes before sunrise or sunset. You must capture such kind of beauty! It doesn’t even require good photography skills.

The next unique part of the lake is its location. As mentioned before, it is located at the foot of a mountain. Due to this reason, you have an opportunity to explore the nearby terrain. No wonder, some visitors come here for trekking. The landscape makes it possible, after all. Regardless of the purpose to visit the lake, you have to prepare everything. These include money, refreshments, proper clothes, and even a map. If necessary, you should hire a tour guide.

One thing, Parit Kemang Lake doesn’t feature facilities. You should not expect toilets, eateries, or hotels. The lake only becomes a place for an adventure and sightseeing. Due to this reason, you must carry some snacks. Also, it is better to come with a family or friends. A group of people makes a better vacation. That means your tour becomes merrier.

Nearby Attractions

  • Pangkuan Hill
  • Bukit Batu Beach

How to Get There
Most of the visitors come from Tanjung Pandan City. The distance is about 42 km. That means your trip takes about 50 minutes. If you use a car, it can be faster than that. What you should do is to follow Sudirman Street. Next, you must use Bandara – Manggar Street. Once you reach Kelapa Kampit District, your next destination is Kik Kara Mountain. The lake is located on the foot of this mountain, after all. It takes only a few minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Duta Pesona Hotel
  • Horison Belitung Hotel

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