Tanjung Kalian and the Old Lighthouse

Tanjung Kalian is one of coastal area in Bangka. This beach is located approximately 9 km from the city Muntok; from Muntok city to the capital of Pangkal Pinang is about 138 KM. Here, there is a tower or lighthouse that was built by the Dutch in 1862 and also becomes the main attraction at this place.

This lighthouse is stand sturdy and has 117 stone circular staircases that contained of lighting devices which make the room feel cramped. According to the lighthouse guard, the lampshade that made of thick glass is still genuine since the first installation. This lamp has highlight strength to 40 miles away, with the power of 1,000 watts. Whenever ignited is requires 20 liters of diesel, which can survive for 12 hours.

On the inside, we can see our altitude by watching the palm trees far below. On Tanjung Kalian, we can also see the shipwrecks, former ship during World War II. Moreover, those who visit Tanjung Kalian can do sunbathing, swimming and playing at sea water, along the quiet and clean beach.

From the window of the lighthouse, we can see the busy dock that doing their daily activity of Muntok-Palembang crossings, which is being built not far from the lighthouse. Tanjung Kelian pier will replace the Piers Muntok as a place of arrival and departure for ferry crossing.

Tanjung Kalian has white sandy beach and does not have huge granite boulders like most beaches in Bangka Belitung. There are many Ketapang trees on the beach. The beach was also a part of history when Indonesia’s Founding Fathers, Ir. Sukarno, being discarded and he liked to spend time atn this beach.

The beach is also a witness to the dark history of massacre tragedy (Banka Massacre) that occurred during World War II. In February 1942, the Vyner Brooke ships that carried injured troops and 64 nurses in Australia from Singapore sunk by the Japanese Army. A total of 22 people who survived the bombing were still killed. Only one nurse who survived the incident. To commemorate the victims of Bangka Massacre, it built a memorial monument on the beach, in front of the lighthouse.

Tanjung Kalian is already becomes the nearest and affordable destination in Muntok. Every afternoon the white sandy beaches will always crowded by local people who enjoy the moment. Families who come to bring a mat from home, young people are sitting on their bikes, those who love fishing or those who just cuddling with their love one are the one who always visit this beach.

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