Tapak Hantu Beach in Batu Belubang Village, Bangka Island

A vacation to Bangka Island is worth a thousand experiences. Why is that? You can find various types of tourist spots here. For a distinct vacation, there is Tapak Hantu Beach. The locals also call it Tapak Dewa Beach. The location is in Batu Belabung Village. It is near to Depati Amir Airport. Tapak means “footprint” and Hantu means “Ghost”. It is because the beach features a unique characteristic. One of the granites has a unique hole. The shape is similar to a footprint.

The Nuance
Unlike other beaches in Bangka Belitung Province, Tapak Hantu Beach has smaller granites. Some parts of the beach are covered by mangroves. You can also find a wooden pier between those mangroves. Visitors often use it to cross the water during the high tide. In terms of appearance, the beach is worth a sight. There are numerous granites scattered all over the shorelines. On top of that, there are many facilities like gazebos, a parking area, and toilets. Tourists would definitely have a good time here.

Exploring Tapak Hantu Beach
Tapak Hantu Beach holds an interesting legend. It is also the home of a giant formation of granites. A unique one is the shape of a footprint. If you look at its size, it is above normal. There is also another footprint. The size is similar to that of the kids’. Due to these unique features, the beach attracts many visitors daily. You may expect lots of tourists during holidays, as well. The beach also emits unique characteristics of Bangka Island’s coastal area.

The beach features some permanent structures. They are made of concrete. Most of these buildings become eateries recently. Tourists are able to enjoy some snacks while spending a good time at the beach. There are also some open halls. You can use them for relaxing. For the best experience, you should come to the beach in the afternoon. The views are definitely stunning, especially during sunset. It radiates a romantic ambiance. Not to mention the combination of mangroves and granites will amaze you!

Some tourists are concerned with the name of the beach. Even though the name involves “ghost”, the beach doesn’t emit scary ambiance. On the other hand, it reflects a beautiful atmosphere. It becomes a perfect vacation destination either for families or couples. Also, the locals use the beach for a place for relaxation. Thanks to its beautiful landscape. Plus, it contains a story. The rumor has it. The footprint belonged to a mystical being.

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How to Get There
From Tanjung Pandan, you should take a ferry to Belinyu Port, Bangka Island. From here, you must head to Pangkal Pinang. The beach is situated in the southeast part of the island. It is about 11 from the main city. For a faster trip, you must take an airplane to Depati Amir Airport. From the airport, you must head to Batu Belubang Village. The trip takes about 15 minutes. The beach is easy to reach, so you can enjoy the tour well.

Where to Stay

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