Manggar Belitung – the Home of 1001 Coffee Shops

Many tourist attractions are available in Belitung Island. Without information, it is difficult to find some good spots. As for reference, there is Manggar District. It is actually the home of coffee shops. You may expect lots of coffee shops in the streets. These shops have different business hours. That means you can always find an open shop every day. All these shops feature warmth ambiance and friendly customers. It is an opportunity to make new friends! Though, don’t forget to carry much money.

The Nuance
Manggar District is quite similar to local cities in Belitung. Though, there is a unique landmark. It is the Tin Coffee Monument. This small structure is located in the roundabout. It has the shape of a cup and a kettle. It is a no brainer. Everyone knows this monument represents the popularity of coffee shops in Manggar. When it comes to facilities, there are several eateries and hotels. With all these things, Manggar should be an important list in your vacation marathon while in Belitung.

Exploring Manggar District
The best time to visit Manggar coffee shops is in the evening. You may expect crowded atmosphere with lots of parked motorcycles in the roadside. The customers talk loudly and enjoy a beautiful night with friends. On the tables, there are many glasses of coffee and some snacks. You can smell the fragrance from afar, for sure. The thing is there are many options of coffee shops. For newcomers, you are likely to choose one randomly.

Most of the coffee shops have similar characteristics. The roofs are made of tin. The tables and chairs are made of wood. When it comes to customers, most of them are men. Though, you can find several women as well. They come with their husband and kids. A cup of coffee allows you to hang out for hours in the coffee shop. Due to this reason, it becomes a place to improve your social life. The coffee shops feature a friendly atmosphere, so you can spend the evening comfortably.

Drinking a cup of coffee is definitely relaxing. What about the taste? The coffee beans came from Lampung. When it comes to the most popular type, it is the O coffee. It is more flavorsome and expensive than regular coffees. Thus, you should try it while visiting the coffee shops in Manggar. Since it is a mining district, you may expect some miners as well. They also love to drink coffee. If you can speak the Indonesian Language, they will tell you their experience. It is the chance to make new friends!

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How to Get There
From Tanjung Pandan, there are two routes. First, it is through Badau Street. It is the fastest route to Manggar District. The distance is about 78 km. This trip usually takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. What about another route? It is about 88 km. You can drive on Bandara Street for 1 and 40 minutes. Once you reach Manggar, you should head to Lipat Kajang Street. In the roadside near to the roundabout, there are many coffee shops.

Where to Stay

  • Simpang 4 Hotel
  • Oasis Hotel

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