Lilangan Mountain in Gantung District, East Belitung

What makes Belitung Island a good vacation destination? It is a no brainer. The island consists of many natural sites like beaches, lakes, hills, mountains, etc. In Gantung District, you can find Lilangan Mountain. It is situated in Lilangan Village. Unlike regular mountains in Belitung, Lilangan doesn’t feature a dense forest. That means you won’t expect big trees there. On the other hand, it is the home of small bushes and trees. It is likely you visit a savanna. Apart from its natural lure, the mountain also holds several sacred tombstones.

The Nuance
As mentioned earlier, Lilangan Mountain doesn’t have thick trees. Instead, you may encounter shrubs and bushes. Make sure to follow the right route, so you won’t get lost. There is a street sign, though. You only need to read the instruction. It takes some time to explore that area, so you must prepare bottled drink. A good stamina can help you, as well. During the hot season, your trip can be quite uncomfortable. Thus, you must wear proper clothes. A hat is recommended.

Exploring Lilangan Mountain
That site offers numerous attractions. One of them is a burial ground. It features a magical item called “Batang Jemang”. It is actually a wooden hoe used to dig graves. The rumor has it. The King of Badau asked his people to bury him near to Lilangan Mountain. He ordered his people not to use any tools made of steel. No one knows the reason, though. Many tourists are interested to see that item directly. It radiates a creepy but stunning ambiance.

The next attraction is the religious tourism. Travelers come here to visit several gravestones of Balok’s Kings. These tombstones are quite old and they have a mystical aura. No wonder, some visitors often make prayers near to the graveyard. Apart from regular tourists, Lilangan Mountain also becomes a destination for Badau Kings’ descendants. If you are lucky, you can meet those people. They come on a random schedule, though. It is unlikely you can meet them by timetable.

Trekking is another fun activity in Lilangan Mountain. Though, you may expect an uncomfortable terrain. Your trip will be quite challenging. Not to mention you can’t find reliable facilities. The route is intricate, so you must come with a companion. The graveyard is situated about 3 km from the starting point. No worries. There is a sign to reach that site. For a comfortable trip, you must carry refreshments. You must buy them in in advance. Several convenience stores are available in Tanjung Pandan City, actually.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
If you come from Jakarta, you should take either an airplane or ferry. By sea, you must head to Tanjung Pandan Port. From Tanjung Pandan City, you must head to Gantung District via Badau – Simpang Ranggiang Street. The trip takes 1 hour and 42 minutes. Your last destination is Lilangan Village. From here, you can find a local guide and reach to the mountain. It is considered a long trip. Still, it is worth an effort.

Where to Stay

  • Purnama Hotel
  • Horison Belitung Hotel
  • Serrata Terrace Hotel

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