Rambak Beach

The beach is located in Matras Village, Sinar Jaya Urban Village of Sungailiat District, precisely at the northern east area of Bangka Island. Rambak beach has sloppy beach with white sand beautiful panorama. The beach is span 3 km long and 20-30 m wide.

Along the sight, when we visiting Rambak beach, there will be palm plant background and natural river flow generally called as Heaven's Beach and is the most visited beach in Bangka Regency.

Huge granite rocks protrude from the water in seeming contradiction to the beach’s calm appearance. A clear, blue sky extends above the horizon, decorated sporadically with fluffy white clouds. Meanwhile, the outer edge of the beach is carpeted in grass and shaded leafy trees. Several small huts also line the outskirts of the beach together with simple stalls selling fresh food and cool beverages.

How to get there :
Fly to Depati Amir Airport in Pangkalpinang, capital city of Bangka-Belitung Province. This domestic airport is accessible from Jakarta, Batam and Palembang. The city of Sungailiat is about 30 kilometers from Pangkalpinang and can be reached by road in under an hour. Bangka and Belitung are known for high quality asphalt, so the drive will be very smooth. Travelling along a coastal road, you can enjoy the scenic view of large rivers, bridges and old, traditional houses.

Rambak Beach is about 15 minutes by road from the city of Sungailiat and is easily accessible by rental car or motorbike. The beach is not run under any specific management, so you are free to park where you like and enjoy the beach as you wish. There is not much public transportation on the island, so it is advisable to hire a car or motorcycle for the duration of your stay.

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