Teluk Gembira Beach in Membalong, Belitung Island

Membalong District becomes one of the best vacation spots in Belitung Island. For example, it is the home of a charming beach called Teluk Gembira. The location is definitely in Membalong. It is near to Padang Kandis Village. The beach features numerous beautiful objects like white sand, granites, and some small islands. Most of the visitors want to find peace there. It is also possible to do several things like beach walking, water sports, photography, relaxation, and roaming. The beach is indeed the representation of loveliness!

The Nuance
The best attraction is the view. The beach emits beautiful panorama and cool atmosphere. The seashore has the shape of a smile. Due to this reason, people named it Tanjung Gembira. Tanjung means “cape” and Gembira means “happy”. The combination of granites and white sand is also attractive. Another unique feature is the dock. It becomes the checkpoint of numerous local boats. Usually, tourists stop by before they reach Seliu Island. This beach also becomes the home of sheltered trees and blue sea water. Aren’t they heartening?

Exploring Teluk Gembira Beach
Spruce is the main feature in Teluk Gembira Beach. You can find many of them on the seashore. This nuance attracts visitors, especially families. The next feature is the dock. Tourists are allowed to walk on it. In some occasions, local boats come to this dock. On top of that, you can witness daily routines of local people. Why is that? The beach is situated near to local settlement. As the result, you can also learn their local cultures. It will be better if you can speak Indonesian.

Next, Teluk Gembira Beach is popular among fishers. It is because the coast features good spots for fishing. No worries. You can rent a fishing rod from the locals. Apart from fishing, you can also hunt squids and crabs. Most of them are roaming between corals. After all, the beach is the home of many beautiful marine lives. You can even find Napoleon fishes, lepuk, and many other species. That means you are allowed to do snorkeling there.

Another lure in Teluk Gembira Beach is the history. The rumor has it. Some pirates hid their treasures somewhere in the coral reefs. It is said you can find some caves near to the beach. However, no one knows the location of such treasure. Have no fear. You still have the natural gems in Teluk Gembira. Even the sand, granites, and the spruce are worth a treasure! These will definitely make your day. Also, don’t forget to bring your family there.

Nearby Attractions

  • Seliu Island
  • Selat Nasik
  • Penyabong Beach
  • Batu Baginde

How to Get There
From Tanjung Pandan, you are going to spend a long trip. The distance is about 65 km, after all. Thus, you must have prepared some refreshments and a good vehicle. From the main city, you should take Membalong Raya Street. Once you reach Membalong, you can directly head to Padang Kandis Village. Some villagers will help you regarding the navigation. Thus, a little bit knowledge about the Indonesian Language becomes a must.

Where to Stay

  • Arumdalu Private Resort.

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