Buding King’s Tombstone in Kelapa Kampit District, East Belitung

Bangka Belitung Province is as popular as Bali Island. It is the home of beautiful beaches and nature tourism. However, it is not only about beaches. In some parts of Belitung Island, tourists are able to enjoy religious tourism. Here is a reference. The name is Buding King’s Tombstone. The location is in Buding Village. It belongs to Kelapa Kampit District. What you need to do is to head to the east part of the island. As the name cited, it is a gravestone of the king of Buding.

The Nuance
The tombstone is situated in the midst of a dense forest. That means you may expect lots of trees there. The size of the graveyard is small. A small hut protects it well. It was built on a concrete, actually. Near to the gravestone, there are bushes and trees. It feels like in a secluded area. All these features create a transcendent aura. No wonder, the locals consider it a sacred place. Many people look for inspirations and blessings there. What about you?

Exploring Buding King’s Tombstone
Once you reach the location, you can witness a plain gravestone. The headstone doesn’t feature any luxuries. It is made of wood, after all. The most interesting attraction is the history. According to Mr. Aris, the founder, he got a message after a prayer. He needed to find a headstone in his yard. Thus, he founded Buding King’s Tombstone. No wonder, he had tried to build a building in that area but he failed. Such structure collapsed soon as if the tombstone didn’t allow it. As a tourist, you can hear this story from him directly.

There are actually two tombstones. The first one belongs to Buding King. Another gravestone belongs to his wife. The name is Siti Maimunah. In terms of appearance, both of them are similar. Though, Siti’s doesn’t feature a shelter. Some tourists may wonder why these gravestones aren’t located close to each other. There are many speculations, actually. The caretaker may say it is because of an unhealthy relationship between them. Still, there is no valid information about it. No knows when those people died.

Once you visit Buding King’s Tombstone, it is time to conduct an adventure. This sacred place is located in the midst of lush environment. Why don’t you take an opportunity from it? That means you can do trekking freely. In this case, you should have prepared the equipment. The terrain isn’t as difficult as other trekking sites. Still, you need comfortable footwear and some refreshments. These help you a lot while trekking near to such location.

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How to Get There
Buding King’s Tombstone is located in Kelapa Kampit District. From Tanjung Pandan City, you should take Sudirman Street. Next, follow Bandara – Manggar District. It takes about 50 minutes. The tombstone is actually situated in a private’s land. It belongs to Mr. Aris. A simple characteristic of the gravestone is its cupola. Once you see it, you have already arrived at your destination.

Where to Stay

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