Putri Island in Belinyu District, Bangka Island

Have you ever heard Putri Island? It is one of the best isles in Bangka Island. The location is in Belinyu District. It is a new isle icon these days. This stunning coastal area is popular both for domestic and foreign visitors. It is near to other beautiful islands like Mentigi, Antu, and Lampu Island. In the weekends, you may expect lots of visitors there. The beauty is undeniable. On top of that, it offers clear seawater and calm atmosphere. You can reach the island using Pompong (a local boat) from Penyusuk Beach.

The Nuance
Crystal clear seawater becomes the main attraction of Putri Island. Thus, you can freely play in the water. On the seashore, there is a formation of rocks or granites. Tourists are allowed to roam around and climb on them. What a grandiose group of stones. In the sky, there are not many clouds. It emits blue and beautiful nuance. The island is covered by trees. No wonder, you can feel the cool and refreshing mood in the land. For those who look for relaxation, Putri Island is recommended.

Exploring Putri Island
What is so special about Putri Island? Despite its small size, the island is the home of unique objects. For instance, there are Mentigi trees. In the seashore, you can find marvelous reefs. Their size is big and their color is black. In the shorelines, you are able to find coral reefs. They are quite beautiful! When it comes to seawater, it emits clear and mysterious moods. It is because the waves are too calm as if it becomes the home of a mystical creature.

Putri Island also holds a cool history. In the past, the island became a good location for sea turtle spawning. Unfortunately, the locals took advantage of those eggs and sold them to the market. As the result, there were no more sea turtles seen on the island. Still, tourists keep coming to the island. It is because they want to witness stunning views of the sea and the beach. The water is clear so you can see many fishes obviously.

Another fun activity is swimming. Putri Island offers fresh and calm sea. Even though you swim at noon, you won’t get too uncomfortable. In the afternoon, you can join the locals. They often come to the beach for fishing. The best spot is near to the coral reefs. Many fishes live there so you can catch them easily. When it comes to the best time to visit the island, it is on the weekends. One thing, it is an uninhabited island. You won’t see any villagers nearby. 

Nearby Attractions

  • Romodong Beach
  • Penyusuk Beach
  • Lampu Island
  • Mentigi Island
  • Antu Island
  • Bakong Island

How to Get There
Putri Island is situated in the same district as Lampu Island. That means you will use the same route when you are visiting such tourist spot. From Pangkal Pinang, it takes 1 hour and 58 minutes. The distance is approximately 89 km. The route is Sungai Liat – Pangkal Pinang Street. Next, you must turn to Belinyu – Sungai Liat Street. Lastly, you must turn to Belinyu – Lumut Street. Remember, your trip also involves a ferry.

Where to Stay

  • Sam Pesaren Hotel and Resort
  • Golden Dragon Hotel

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