Istiqomah Buding Museum in Kelapa Kampit District

Belitung Island should be everyone’s vacation destination. It is part of Bangka Belitung Province, actually. Most people talk about stunning beaches and serene nature. Though, you can find historical sites as well. One of the best options is Istiqomah Buding Museum. The location is in Kelapa Kampit District. As the name suggests, it is situated in Buding Village. Once you reach the museum, you may find a keeper. He has the responsibility of taking care of the museum. According to this person, the items stored in this place have been around more than 5 centuries.

The Nuance
Once you arrive at the museum, you may witness a common building. It is similar to regular houses of Belitung Island. What makes it different, actually? It is the nameplate. It becomes the primary sign of the museum. That means tourists are able to tell the difference between Istiqomah Buding and nearby houses by simply looking at it. The color of the building is orange. When it comes to the shape, it is the same as a local house. In front of the museum, there is a papaya tree.

Exploring Istiqomah Buding Museum
So, what is inside the museum? Most of them are weapons. These include spears, ceremonial knives, long swords, cleavers, and much more. All of them feature a unique engraftment. Not to mention they are quite old! Apart from weapons, you can also find small gongs. These are made of brass. The museum also becomes the home of an ancient pottery. It was the reminiscence of an ancient society. The management keeps all these items securely in the displays. That means you may expect those items in a good condition.

Next, you can see ancient coins. These were used during the colonialism era. The Dutch invaded Indonesia in the past. They came to Belitung for extracting tin ores. Those coins were the products of such mining activity, after all. Apart from those coins, you can also see old empire clothing. In the back room, you can find several antiques. These were valuable items of Balok and Ngabehi Buding Kingdom. The keeper stores those items inside glass displays. That means he has the main key to those cupboards.

What’s more? There is a unique item called “Padi Kuno”. It is actually an old coconut. According to the keeper, this thing has a magical essence. Do you want more attraction? There is an old tombstone beside the museum. No one knows whose resting place that is. According to rumors, the graveyard contains treasures. The keeper may tell you a unique rumor, as well. It is regarding the key. If someone uses the left hand when using the key, his hand won’t be able to grab the key anymore!

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How to Get There
In order to reach Buding Museum, you must head to Kelapa Kampit District. It is about 40 km from tanjung Pandan. Your trip takes approximately 50 minutes. Follow Sudirman Street to Manggar. As an alternative, you can take Sijuk Raya Street. Though, it takes longer.

Where to Stay

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