An Unforgettable Vacation in Burung Mandi Beach

Belitung Island should be one of the best vacation destinations in Indonesia. The reason is simple. There is an unlimited choice of tourist spots. In East Belitung, there is Burung Mandi Beach. To be exact, it is located in Damar District. Burung means “a bird” and Mandi means “taking a bath”. According to history, this location was founded by Abdul Gafar. He witnessed lots of birds gathering on the beach for taking a bath. Today, it becomes an attractive tourist spot due to its solemn and beautiful nature.

The Nuance
Unlike other beaches in Belitung, Burung Mandi Beach doesn’t feature granites. The sand is soft brown. There are numerous shady trees as well. These create a comfortable ambiance. All tourists are able to enjoy a good time peacefully. When it comes to the water, it is calm and clear. On the shorelines, you may see some traditional boats. The fishermen park their boats freely. With all these features, the beach becomes a worthy place to visit. On top of that, the sky is pure and clear. The clouds are rare during the dry season.

Exploring Burung Mandi Beach
The best thing to do is relaxing. Many visitors come during the afternoon. Spending a calm afternoon on the beach is not a bad idea, after all. You can either sit on the beach or on the gazebo nearby. In the back, you may find many coconut trees. In front of you, there are colorful fishermen’s boats. They are called Kater. It is the name of traditional fishermen’s boats. In fact, these boats are quite rare. It is because modern fishermen are likely to use motorized boats instead of those outdated vessels.

The next activity is island hopping. From the beach, you can explore nearby islands like Tang Isle. Make sure you can find a friendly fisherman. If you are lucky, you don’t need to pay the boat ride. It is rare, though. Most of the tourists should pay the ride. Next, there is a unique competition in Burung Mandi Beach. The local government conducts an annual Kater Boat race. Thus, you should come in the right time.

Swimming is not a recommended activity. It is because the waves can be extremely strong. It is better to be safe! It is more comfortable to sit on the gazebo. Apart from coconut trees, you may expect some pine trees. All of them are shady. They create a wonderful atmosphere. When it comes to facilities, there are some local stands. You can buy refreshments like snacks and drinks. Don’t forget to carry some money!

Nearby Attractions

  • Dewi Kwam Im Temple
  • Samak Hill

How to Get There
In order to reach Burung Mandi Beach, you must head to Damar District. The nearest checkpoint is Manggar City. It is about 18 km. Once you reach Manggar, it takes only 20 minutes to the beach. The road is smooth, so it is going to be a comfortable trip. Near to the beach, you may encounter a forked path. That means you are already near to your destination.

Where to Stay

  • Oasis Hotel
  • Guest Hotel
  • Nusa Indah II Hotel

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