Enjoying the Beauty of Olie Pier Beach in Manggar, East Belitung

For those who are looking for new unique vacation destinations, Olie Pier Beach is a good choice. It is located in Manggar District, East Belitung. It holds more than a beauty. The beach also has a historical value. On top of that, it is situated near to Keramat Beach. Even though the beach isn’t as much popular as other beaches in East Belitung, it offers distinct charm. Most of the people come here to witness the old wooden pier and conduct numerous activities.

The Nuance
As the name suggests, the best part of this tourist spot is the pier. Despite its bad condition, the pier remains sturdy. From here, you are able to witness beautiful and majestic sea. In some occasions, many locals come here for fishing. They want to enjoy the serenity of the sea while catching some fishes. Since it was an abandoned ship gas station, you should not expect any ships there. The sky is quite peaceful, and it creates a good mood.

Exploring Olie Pier Beach
Many tourists are attracted to come to Olie Pier Beach. One of the reasons is due to its history. In the past, it was a spot for ships’ fuel refilling. These ships were used to distribute mining products to the other islands. Today, you can only find the reminiscence of such activity. The most noticeable feature is the wooden pier. Despite its age, tourists can safely walk on it. Apart from it, the beach is also worth a visit. It is surrounded by bushes and a beautiful landscape.

In the seashore, you can witness stunning views of the sea. The water is blue and it features medium waves. The nuance is calm, so it gives a peaceful mood. Some locals often come here, in fact. Fishing is the most popular activity in Olie Pier Beach. The best spot to catch fish is on the wooden pier. If you don’t like fishing, you can simply become a spectator. The locals compete against each other to catch the best fishes.

Another attraction is either the sunrise or sunset. The beach is suitable for photographers indeed. Even though you don’t have good skills, you can capture beautiful objects. These include the sun, seawater, trees, the wooden pier, fishing activity, and much more. On top of that, you can visit other vacation spots near to Olie Pier Beach. As long as you have enough money, you are ready to go!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Most of the visitors come from Tanjung Pandan. The distance is 75 km. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. First, you should use Badau-Ranggiang Street. Next, you should turn to Tanjung Pandan Tengah Street. From here, your last destination is Manggar District. Once you reach this location, you can directly head to Olie Pier Beach. It is in Lalang Village. The trip only takes a few minutes. If you ride a car, it will be faster and more comfortable.

Where to Stay

  • Simpang 4 Hotel
  • Oasis Hotel
  • Nusa Indah II Hotel

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