Bangka Botanical Garden (BBG) in Pangkal Pinang City, Bangka Island

Nature tourism is the number one attraction for travelers. In Bangka Island, there is a famous spot called Bangka Botanical Garden. The locals often call it BBG. It has become an agro-tourism icon in Bangka. The location is in Bukit Intan District. You can find it in Temberan Village. Since it is near to Pangkal Pinang, everyone can reach it easily. What is in BBG? It is covered by green plants and a refreshing atmosphere. On top of that, tourists can learn numerous agro activities like farming, fishery, and animal husbandry.

The Nuance
The best feature in Bangka Botanical Garden is the spruce. These pine trees grow neatly on both sides of the road. Due to its uniqueness, some couples come here for a pre-wedding photo session. Next, there is a replica of Melayu Bangka traditional house. It includes beautiful ponds, as well. Sometimes, you may hear the birds’ songs. These make everything merrier. In some parts of BBG, you can find orchards. Also, there is a dairy cow husbandry. Some horses also become an attraction there!

Exploring Bangka Botanical Garden
Agrotourism becomes a new hit these days. More people are aware of nature. A formation of pine trees is the main attraction in BBG. In fact, it is one of the best pre-wedding backgrounds in Bangka Island. For those who love photography, it becomes a distinct location to capture nature beauties. Next, it is time to visit the ponds. These are the home of various fishes including patin, white snapper, goldfish, and parrot fish. There are many of them in the ponds.

Next, you must witness hundreds of cows in BBG. They come in different species such as dairy cows, beef cattle, and much more. The keeper won’t veal those cows unless the number reaches more than 1,000. Some of the cows are released in the tourism area, as well. What can tourists do near to the husbandry, actually? Well, it is possible to witness the production of compost. This is a distinct experience, so you should not miss it. Make sure you carry your camera, as well.

The next attraction is the farms. There is a famous dragon fruit’s farm. It becomes a nice setting, as well. Not to mention there are many other types of fruits and vegetables. Another thing to do is fishing. There are several ponds from where you can catch fishes. It is allowed, after all. Also, there is a gazebo. It is a nice place to eat and gather with families. Many visitors use this place to eat the fishes they have caught before.

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How to Get There
From Pangkal Pinang City, you can directly head to Bukit Intan District. Your primary destination is Temberan Village. The trip takes about 10-15 minutes and the distance is 4.4 km. From the main city, take Depati Hamzah Street. It is as simple as that. When it comes to accommodations, you can find several references nearby.

Where to Stay

  • Bangka City Hotel
  • Grand Mutiara Hotel
  • Novotel Bangka

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