Balok Lama Forest in Dendang District, Belitung Island

Dendang District offers a unique vacation destination. The name is Balok Lama Forest. The location is in Balok Village. It is the home of nature beauty and a thick forest. In terms of appearance, it is similar to Bogor Botanical Garden. Not to mention it features sacred tombstones like King Gede Yakub and Syeh Abdul Samsudin. The trees make that place more interesting. It seems that you are likely to have a wonderful adventure in the midst of a forest.

The Nuance
The overall size of Balok Lama Forest is 40 hectares. It features an easy route, so everyone can reach this location easily. You can use either a motorcycle or a car. The forest is situated near to Balok Village. That means tourists can find and hire a tour guide there. Near to it, there is a palm plantation. In front of the forest, there is a huge gate. It has the color of green. Once you enter it, you can feel refreshing ambiance in an instant!

Exploring Balok Lama Forest
The first thing to do is relaxation. Most of the visitors come to Balok Lama Forest to find peace. It is an ideal place for a vacation retreat, after all. The soothing atmosphere and shady trees become a great combination. You can simply walk around the forest and enjoy its nuance. In some occasions, the birds sing beautifully. It also becomes a good location for a family trip. Your kids would love to explore the wilderness. On top of that, you can introduce Balok’s history to them.

Next, it is religious tourism. Balok Lama Forest is the home of ancient tombstones. There are two famous gravestones. They belong to the first King of Balok and his friend. Most of the visitors come to this location for a pilgrimage. In fact, some of them give a prayer for prosperity and health. No wonder, the forest emits a mystical aura. Despite this condition, tourists keep coming there. It is because they are curious about it. What about you?

Another lure in Balok Lama Forest is the history. Some historians and tourists visit it for gathering information about the Balok Kingdom. The thing is it was the first Kingdom in Belitung Island. The size of this empire is about 40 hectares. In the past, people of Balok performed farming and mining. Due to their richness in natural resources, some foreign countries came to Belitung. This included the Dutch. This story is considered amusing for tourists. You can learn and hear it from the locals.

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How to Get There
Your primary destination is Dendang District. Have no worries. It is located near to Pangkal Pinang. The trip is going to be smooth and comfortable. It takes about 46-50 minutes and the distance is 40.1 km. The fastest route is through Badau and Dendang Street, actually. Once you reach Balok Lama Village, it takes a few minutes to reach the forest. Make sure to carry foods and drinks as you are going to explore dense trees.

Where to Stay

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