A Vacation to Pasir Padi Beach, Bangka Belitung Province

Bangka Island has many beautiful beaches. These are as stunning as those of the Belitung Island’s. One of the best coastal areas is Pasir Padi Beach. It is situated in Pangkal Pinang. The length of the shorelines is about 100-300 meters. The sand is soft and white. Tourists will be astonished by its calm waves. Even foreigners often come here, so you may expect many visitors during holidays. According to the locals, the beach is the most visited tourist spot in Pangkal Pinang City.

The Nuance
In terms of appearance, Pasir Padi Beach features white sand and blue sea water. You can even see a flawless horizon. Here is the thing. The sand has the shape of grains. No wonder, people name it Pasir Padi. It means “the sand of grains”. Unlike other Belitung’s beaches, there are no granites in this location. Instead, you can find several local eateries. These “warungs” are quite notorious. It is because of their prostitutes. No wonder, you may see many sexy women there.

Exploring Pasir Padi Beach
The main attraction of the beach is its panorama. The beach becomes the resemblances of nature. The seashore is lengthy and it features many types of objects such as rocks and corals. The white sand makes it a great spot to relax. In the shorelines, you can do numerous water sports. Even beach walking is a worthy thing to do in Pasir Padi Beach. If you want to meet many people, you should come during holidays. In fact, it can reach up to 5,000 people daily. Can’t you imagine?

Near to Pasir Padi Beach, you can find a tiny island called Punai Island. It was formed by rocks and corals. You don’t even need a boat to reach this island. Though, you should come during the low tide. The distance is about 210 meters. Make sure you go back before the high tide! Once you enjoy beach walking, you can enjoy several facilities like restaurants and hotels. You can reach them easily, in fact. If you don’t like luxuries, there are local eateries. Their seafood is quite tempting!

In some occasions, Pasir Padi Beach becomes the home of many events. Some of them are musical concerts, beach race, arts, etc. The locals also conduct Peh Chun festival sometimes. This is a traditional Chinese event. To enjoy those festivals, you must have reviewed the schedules. This way, you won’t miss them.

Nearby Attractions

  • Bangka Botanical Garden
  • Merdeka Square
  • Tapak Hantu Beach

How to Get There
Pasir Padi Beach is situated in Bangka Island. You can either ride an airplane or ferry to reach such tourist spot. From Tanjung Pandan Port, you must head to Pangkal Balam Port in Bangka Island. From here, you can directly head to Pangkal Pinang. The beach is situated about 7 km from the city. If you go by air, your destination is Depati Amir Airport. From here, you can rent a car and head to the beach. Make sure you carry much money!

Where to Stay

  • Bangka City Hotel
  • Griya Tirta Hotel
  • Novotel Bangka

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