A Gorgeous Island in Membalong District – Seliu

In the south part of Belitung Island, there is Membalong District. It is the home of Seliu Island, as well. This small island becomes a new vacation destination for everyone. Even though Seliu is small, there are about 310 households living there. The best lures are the beaches. You can explore them all within a single tour. Unlike deserted islands, Seliu is easy to reach. It offers a lively ambiance, as well. Moreover, there are other attractions in addition to beaches.

The Nuance
Seliu Island emits a charming atmosphere. The island features a big wooden dock. It is the home of local boats. No wonder, you can see many fishermen’s boats nearby. When it comes to the water, it is blue and calm. It reflects absolute beauty. In the coastlines, the main features are coconut trees. There are many of them. Also, it is possible to drink fresh coconut near to the beach. In some occasions, many people come to the docks. Most of them are fishermen. The others come to the dock for fishing, though.

Exploring Seliu Island
In Seliu Island, you can enjoy numerous attractions. The best one is the beaches. For instance, there is Marang Bulo Beach. It has the beauty of a paradise. Most of the visitors come here due to its sunset. It features white sand and beautiful waves. People in South Belitung consider it as their favorite beach. Not to mention foreigners also often come here. The location is about 7 km from Seliu Port. It is near so you can reach it using a motorcycle.

Next, you can simply enjoy the nature. Seliu Island offers limitless beauty. It is a perfect location for a vacation retreat. Not to mention you can do many things like photography, fishing, and hanging out. There are gorgeous features near to the shorelines like granites and shady trees. Here is an idea. Why don’t you carry some seafood and grill them on the beach? It is going to be a fun activity. For families, the island becomes a location for bonding.

Another attraction is the creatures. Seliu Island is the home of many exotic animals. The most famous one is the monkeys. They live in a small forest in the midst of the island. Sometimes, they come to the beach. Crabs are also unique. They pass over the beach simultaneously. If you love snorkeling, you can do it on this island. It is because the wave isn’t too strong. Next, you can approach the villagers and rent their bicycle. Use it to explore different parts of the island!

Nearby Attractions

  • Batu Baginde
  • Penyabong Beach

How to Get There
From Tanjung Pandan City, you must go south to Membalong. If you come by bus, it takes 1 and 30 hours. For a faster trip, you should take advantage of a rented car. In Membalong, you should reach Teluk Gembira Port. From here, your journey continues. A speedboat may carry you to Seliu Island. As an alternative, you can ride a local fisherman’s boat. It is slower, though. Once you reach Seliu, you can explore the island freely. The beaches are worth a visit!

Where to Stay

  • Arumdalu Private Resort

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