A Grandiose Batu Baginde in Belitung Island

Belitung Island hides many charms. If you visit Membalong, you may find a gorgeous Batu Baginde. It is actually a couple of giant granite. The size is jaw-dropping. It is as big as a mountain, in fact. There are two gigantic granites and they represent each gender. Since they are located near to Baginda Mountain, they are called Batu Baginde. Batu means “stones”, actually. According to the locals, this location often becomes a sacred place to look for a blessing. Today, it becomes a worthy vacation destination for tourists.

The Nuance
In terms of ambiance, Batu Baginde is surrounded by dense trees. During and adventure to this location, you can enjoy the shady and cool atmosphere. There is already a path. You can reach the top of these stones easily. The best view is the nature of Tanjung Kandi Village. When it comes to the height, these gigantic granites are about 250 meters. Since you should pass through a small forest, you need to prepare everything. These include proper footwear, clothes, and refreshments.

Exploring Batu Baginde
Apart from its size, Batu Baginde is also famous for its story. It is considered as a sacred place. Some people say it was the origin of Belitung Island. The next unique thing is the tilt of the stones. Even though they are skewed, they have a perfect balance. Many tourists come here to learn more about these stones. The others are looking for a new adventure, especially rock climbing. It helps you relax and enjoy nature.

Next thing to do is to explore the beauty of Belitung Island. From the top of the granites, you are able to witness an unlimited beauty of the island. One thing, it takes much effort to reach the top. You must be in a good shape. The path is a little bit steep. Apart from good stamina, you may require good balance and refreshments. It is better to hire a guide. All of these efforts are rewarding. Once you reach the top, the scenery is quite mesmerizing.

In a nutshell, Batu Baginde is suitable for adventurers. Before rock climbing, you must stretch and warm up. It is a must. It helps improve flexibility and circulation. It will help you prevent injuries, too. Another important consideration is the route. For beginners, a help from a local guide is compulsory. Some visitors are experienced, though. It is not only about knowledge, but it is also about balance, preparation, equipment, and stamina. On top of that, you should never be careless. With all these things in mind, you can absolutely reach the top safely. Enjoy!

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How to Get There
Batu Baginde is situated in Membalong. It is in the south part of Tanjung Pandan City. The trip takes about 2-3 hours. It depends on your vehicle. The best option is a rented car. Once you reach Membalong District, you must head to Tanjung Kandi Village. From here, you should walk to the location. You even need to pass through a small forest. Make sure you wear proper equipment and footwear.

Where to Stay

  • Arumdalu Private Resort

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