A Vacation in Sumur Tujuh Koba Beach, Bangka Island

Bangka Belitung Province is famous for its beaches. No wonder, more people come there for lessening. In Bangka Island, you can find a mesmerizing beach called Sumur Tujuh Koba Beach. As the name suggests, it is located in Sumur Tujuh Village. It belongs to Koba District, actually. Most of the visitors are young people. It is located near to Pangkal Pinang City, so everyone can reach it easily. There are 7 ancient wells near to the coast. These are the remains of the Dutch’s colonialism. Though, you can find many other attractions in the beach.

The Nuance
Gusty wind becomes the main feature of Sumur Tujuh Koba Beach. This is also the trigger of strong waves. In the seashore, you can find many coconut trees. They are tall and gorgeous. When you look at the sky, there are no clouds at all. It is flawless! On the shorelines, the sand is soft and comfy. Tourists really love to walk on it. Due to this reason, the beach becomes a favorite place for beach walking. The thing is seawater is not safe for swimming. On the other hand, you can consider surfing on it.

Exploring Sumur Tujuh Koba Beach
Each person has a distinct reason for visiting the beach. For instance, it is because of the nearby small islands. All of these isles feature white sand. Their beauty is unspoiled. There is a tourist activity called island hopping. You are going to visit all those islands one at a time. From the beach, you only need to rent a local boat. This activity costs much energy and money, so you should have prepared everything. These include stamina, extra cash, and refreshments.

In Sumur Tujuh Koba Beach, there are several historical objects. Most of them are the reminiscences of Japanese colonialism. The most popular ones are the 7 wells. Each of them has a diameter of 2 m. According to the locals, those wells are used to store seawater and produce salt. Sumur means “wells” and Tujuh means “seven”. The beach was named after those water holes, actually. Once you explore those ancient objects, it is time to enjoy the panorama! There are many beautiful views of the beach. Make sure you don't miss them.

Sumur Tujuh Koba Beach has sloping texture and it features white sand. All visitors definitely love it. In some occasions, you may encounter some fishermen. They perform “mukat”. That means they use a net to catch lots of fishes near to the beach. Next, you can witness gorgeous coral reefs. The most famous one is tridacna. The size is small, but it is quite beautiful! Not to mention you can see numerous types of fishes. What’s more? In some parts of the beach are used to produce salt. This is a unique sight, isn’t it?

Nearby Attractions

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  • Gunung Pading Waterfall
  • Guntung Sea Turtle Conservation

How to Get There
As the name suggests, Sumur Tujuh Koba Beach is located in Koba District. Your primary destination is Sumur Tujuh Village. If you come from Pangkal Pinang, you can use Namang-Koba Street. It is the fastest route, after all. The trip takes about 1 hour and 18 minutes. The distance is 63.5 km. Once you reach the village, you can simply head to the beach. It takes only a few minutes.

Where to Stay

  • Grand Mutiara Hotel
  • Menumbing Heritage Hotel
  • Novotel Bangka

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