Syekh Abdul Jabar Samsudin’s Tombstone in East Belitung

East Belitung holds several sacred tombstones. If you visit Balok Village, you can find Syekh Abdul Jabar Samsudin’s tombstone. It is part of Dendang District. Visitors come to that location for numerous reasons. For example, they want to look for blessings. Some of them are looking for prosperity. Regardless of the purposes, such sacred gravestone is indeed interesting. Plus, it is surrounded by solemn nature and mystical ambiance. Are you interested in visiting it? At least, you can learn a story about Abdul Jabar.

The Nuance
Syekh Abdul Jabar Samsudin’s tombstone is bigger than other sacred gravestones in East Belitung. It comes in a better condition, as well. The locals have installed ceramic tiles on it. The structure is big, so it protects all parts of the resting place. The fence is white but small. Tourists aren’t allowed to enter it without permission. When it is about the nuance, you can feel soothing ambiance due to the thick trees. It feels like in the midst of a jungle.

Exploring Syekh Abdul Jabar Samsudin’s Tombstone
What is the reason to visit the tombstone? Most of the visitors come there due to its sacredness. They look for blessings and good lucks. Even though you don’t believe such things, you should not miss that opportunity. Next, tourists are able to learn the history. Abdul Jabar was considered the first missionary of Islam in Balok. According to the caretaker, Abdul came from Brunei Darussalam. This man traveled to Malaysia, Java Island, and Balok. His mission is to spread Islam.

The next unique thing of Syekh Abdul Jabar Samsudin’s Tombstone is the architecture. It has a similar cupola to that of Balok King’s Tombstone. It is because both of the structures were constructed in conformity. Next, it is the serene ambiance. This area is suitable for finding peace and self-reflection. Near to the tombstone, you may see the ruins of a structure. Despite these unsightly things, the environment is indeed soothing. There are no other buildings near to this tombstone. You can only find several trees. They will be a natural shield against sun rays.

Another unique part is its mori clothes. These cover the headstone partly. Each tombstone has them. Though, they don’t come in a good condition. Their color starts darkening. The thing is they emit a mystical aura. In fact, some visitors consider them creepy. That doesn’t stop you from coming to Syekh Abdul Jabar Samsudin’s Tombstone, right? Once you visit the gravestone, it is time to explore the forest. The name is Balok Lama Forest. The rumor has it. There is a mystical creature living there. The locals call her Putri Bunga!

Nearby Attractions

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  • Balok Lama Forest
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How to Get There
Your primary destination is Dendang District. From Tanjung Pandang City, you must take Badau and Dedang Street. This fastest route takes about 50 minutes. Once you reach Dendang, you must head to Balok Village. From here, you need to walk to the tombstone. You should pass some thick trees, as well.

Where to Stay

  • Horison Belitung
  • Hanggar 21 Hotel

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