Kelemar Island

Kelemar island is one the islands that located in Selat Nasik, Belitung regency, Bangka Belitung Province. This island is located at the outside of Gasper strait, at west side of Belitung Island.

The local inhabitants that live around the island are using boat or ship for daily activities. It takes 4-5 hours drive to reach Tanjung Pandan, or the downtown of the area. Those who are visiting Belitung and Kelemar Island, can also visit other islands that close to each other. The other islands that near to Kelemar are Gersik island, Aur island, Kalangbau island, Bakau island, Kuil island, Massalemma island and Lima island.

Kelemar and other islands around are having the same theme, which is natural beauty sightseeing. It worth visited.

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