Tikus Beach

Tikus beach is located in Rebo Village, Kenanga Urban Village, Sungailiat District. Tikus beach still preserve its naturality and much visited by tourism. The coast is decorated with smooth white sandand is indeed very attractive for tourist enjoy. Tikus beach is one of the attractions on the island of Bangka and has the same beauty with other beaches on Bangka. The unspoiled beach area is adjacent to a hill called Bukit Rebo. The beach also has fine white sand and also various types of granite boulders.

Despite its name, Pantai Tikus or Rat Beach, there will be no rats at all can be finding at this beach. In other hand, this beach offers very beautiful scenery and unspoiled. Moreover, when the sun appeared on the eastern horizon, then this is the right moment to aim your camera and capturing this into frame. When visiting Tikus Beach, you might as well visit Tanjung Pesona Beach and Teluk Uber Beach because the place is near at one to another.

The scenery at Tikus Beach is quite stunning. The nature is still fresh, the easy access and the line of huge granite rocks is a great combination. On top of the hill there is a magnificent temple with round shape. The visitors can enjoy the beauty of the beach by enjoying snacks and drink from the top of the hill

How to get there :
The access to the beach is very easy because it is near to the highway. You can use a private vehicle or rental car from Pangkalpinang to go to Tikus Beach.

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