Parai Tenggiri Beach in Sungai Liat District, Bangka Island

Once you have explored Belitung Island, it is time to visit the neighbor island. The name is Bangka Island. It is part of Bangka Belitung Province, after all. When it comes to beaches, you have many references. For instance, there is Parai Tenggiri Beach. It is situated in Sungai Liat District. What you need to do is to reach Sinar Baru Village. What makes it so special, actually? Small waves and declivous land contours create a perfect spot for water sports. Not to mention it has various features like granites, coconut trees, a pier, gazebos, etc.

The Nuance
Many people consider it as a perfect coastline of Bangka Island. It is because you can find almost everything. It features white sand, green trees, big granites, an attractive pier, and facilities. Not to mention there is Tosca seawater. All of them make an exotic atmosphere. The beach is suitable for water sports, a family vacation, and honeymoon! If you want to relax, there is Parai Beach Resort nearby.

Exploring Parai Tenggiri Beach
Most tourists come there to enjoy the stunning sea. It has green Tosca color and beautiful landscape. On top of that, the seashore is neat and clean. You won’t find any trash there. The next feature is the granites. They come in different shape and size. These stones become a valuable asset to Parai Tenggiri Coast. Visitors can climb and sit on them. Those are a great spot to enjoy the nearby scenery, after all. Make sure to move carefully! The surface of the granites is slippery.

Next, Parai Tenggiri Beach is famous for its water sports. Snorkeling and fishing become two primary activities there. If you have some skills, you are able to dive into the sea. The nautical beauty won’t fail to amaze you. No worries. You can rent diving equipment easily. Not to mention there are some local boats to rent. Some guides even offer their service to tourists. Apart from those activities, you can enjoy other fun things like parasailing and jet skiing.

Once you enjoy those water sports, it is time to relax. Parai Tenggiri Beach features excellent accommodations and facilities. In Parai Beach Resort, you can enjoy its amenities. These include a swimming pool, café, bar, restaurant, etc. Make sure you carry much money, though. Another activity is shopping. In this case, your destination is Sungai Liat City. There are several souvenir vendors there. Don’t forget to buy local snacks such as Kemplang, Belacan, and much more!

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How to Get There
If you come from Belitung Island, make sure to reach Pangkal Pinang City first. From here, you can directly head to Sungai Liat District. The trip takes about an hour. The distance is 34 km. Parai Tenggiri Beach is situated in Sinar Baru Village. That means you need to reach such settlement.

Where to Stay

  • Mustika Hotel
  • Citra Hotel
  • City Garden Hotel
  • Parai Beach Hotel and Resort
  • Istana Pool Villas and Spa

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