Kelapan Island in Lepar Pongok District, Bangka Island

People in Bangka Island have already noticed the beauty of Kelapan Island. It is actually a secluded place. Tourists can enjoy its serenity. Due to this reason, Kelapan has become a destination for a vacation retreat. The location is in Lepar Pongok District. It is a new paradise in Bangka Island Province. When it comes to nautical beauty, some people consider it similar to that of Bunaken. The island is small and it is reachable from Sadai Port. It is difficult to describe its intricate gorgeousness, though.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, it has a similar beauty to Bunaken Island. The beach features shallow water. Visitors are allowed to swim and conduct other water sports. Due to flawless visibility, the beach is suitable for snorkeling. In the back, there is a green hill. It is covered by thick trees and plants. When it comes to the sand, it is light brown and soft. In the water, you can see some people playing and swimming. They wear life vest and fins. Do you want to join?

Exploring Kelapan Island
Before reaching Kelapan Island, you may pass through Lepar Island. In terms of size, Lepar is bigger. There is another nearby island, which is Pongok. These isles make a perfect activity called island hopping. That means you hop from one island to others simultaneously. All of them offer comfortable white sand and beautiful shorelines. Your last destination is Kelapan Island. Here you can witness beautiful coral reefs and fishes. In order to explore the sea, you should rent a fisherman’s boat. For a faster trip, you can use a speedboat. The locals call it “Lidah-Lidah”.

Next attraction is the fishermen’s activity. It is a unique sight in Kelapan. Some fishermen come to the sea and look for fishes. If you love an adventure, you can do numerous water sports. Blue seawater and a good visibility create a perfect area for snorkeling. Aside from that, you can try diving! There are several good spots for diving, so you need to try them all. In fact, coral reefs are seen clearly from the boat. Thanks to the water clarity.

Kelapan Island is the home of beautiful objects. Due to this reason, photography is an ideal activity to do. You can stand on granite and take a picture of it. Once you enjoy numerous activities on the beach, it is time to visit a nearby village. The locals are friendly so you can reach them easily. A tour guide may help you to communicate with those people. Don’t forget to try their traditional foods, too!

Nearby Attractions

  • Tanjung Kerasak Beach

How to Get There
In order to reach Kelapan Island, you must head to Lepar Pongok District. From Pangkal Pinang, the first destination is Tukak. From here, you can continue your trip to Sadal Ferry Port. It is a no brainer. Your next destination is definitely Lepar Island. From here, you can simply head to Kelapan using a speedboat. This is an amazing journey, so you must enjoy it well. On top of that, the route is simple. A help of a tour guide isn’t needed.

Where to Stay

  • Tanjung Kerasak Resort

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