Batu Bedaun Beach

Located in Kampung Bukit Kuala, Sinar Jaya Urban Village, Sungailiat district, this beach is quite unique, which is situated side by side with Parai Tenggiri Beach marked with a tree grows out of rocks.

The name of Pantai Batu Bedaun (a rocky leaf beach) was believed as there was a small island in the middle of the coast, comprising only large rock and there is a tree growing in the middle. It does look unique. Up to this day, the story was believed to be the origin name to this beach.

Pantai Batu Bedaun is a beach with clear blue sea and other uniqueness comes from the trees that grow on rocks. For those who like fishing, swimming, sunbathing or taking photography, Pantai Batu Bedaun is a perfect choice for you and your family to spend holidays. This charming beach will energize us and refreshing our mind with wonderful divine nature. To be able to reach Pantai Batu Bedaun can be starts by using two-wheeled vehicles and four wheels from Toboali city with a distance of approximately 135 km.

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