A Splendid Dharma Suci Temple in Manggar District, Belitung

Religious tourism is a distinct experience for tourists. If you are looking references in Belitung Island, you should head to Manggar District. There is a famous monastery called Dharma Suci. The locals use it either to pray or a vacation destination. Not only local tourists, many visitors come from other regions and provinces. In some occasions, you can meet foreigners. In terms of appearance, this structure is similar to other shrines. The most dominant color is definitely red. What’s inside, actually?

The Nuance
Dharma Suci Monastery emits an amazing aura. The structure applies Chinese architecture. It is both beautiful and majestic. There are symmetric ornaments on both sides of the temple. These include lion statues and small pagodas. On the ceiling, you can see several lampions. All these features represent Chinese’s culture, indeed. Another unique thing is the roof. It is similar to that of the Padang’s Traditional House. In terms of size, the temple is considered moderate. That means it can’t accommodate too many people.

Exploring Dharma Suci Temple
The monastery features a vast room. Once you enter the main room, you can see several candles. Their size is big and the color is red. In the right part of the room, there some drums and lion dance equipment. These items are wrapped neatly close to each other. Aside from these things, there are lanterns on the rooms. Also, you can find 3 hiolos. Each of them has a different engraftment. The size isn’t quite big, though. Still, they are unique and valuable.

If you come at the right time, you are able to witness a lion dance attraction. It is because Dharma Suci Monastery has a group of the traditional lion dance. They have gained popularity in Belitung. Not to mention they have won some competitions. If you want to watch their performance, you must come during Cap Go Meh. It is about 15 days after Chinese’s New Year. Usually, the festival will be held in the afternoon. Make sure you have learned their schedule.

Another thing to do in Dharma Suci Monastery is photography. The monastery offers a distinct beauty. Thus, you can take several beautiful pictures on that location. However, you must talk to the keeper first. He may tell you where you are allowed to take photographs. This way, you don’t ruin the mood in this monastery. In some occasions, more people come here. They want to pray. Due to this reason, you should not act carelessly and make noises inside the monastery! All visitors should respect this sacred place, after all.

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How to Get There
In order to reach Dharma Suci Monastery, you should come to Manggar District. Usually, visitors come from Tanjung Pandan City. The distance is approximately 78 km. The trip takes about 1 and 30 minutes. You can use Badau-Simpang Ranggiang Street. Next, you should turn to Tanjung Pandan – Manggar Street. Once you reach Manggar, you can easily find the monastery. If not, you can ask some villagers regarding the location of the temple.

Where to Stay

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