Belitung Museum in Gantung District, East Belitung

Many attractions are available in Belitung Island. Don’t you have a clue? In this case, you have a recommended option. The name is Belitung Museum. The past name is Geologic Museum. It is situated in Lenggang, East Belitung. Actually, it belongs to Tanjung Pandan City. The exact location is in Melati Street 41A. What is inside? The museum stores many antique and historical items. Today, it becomes an interesting tourist spot in Bangka Belitung Province. For those who love history, this place is indeed a heaven.

The Nuance
The most noticeable thing is the epigraph. It is located in front of the museum. The locals call it Tin Inscription (Prasasti Timah). It was built in 1923. There is the name of tin mining founder on it. Beside the inscription, there is a steel dredger. The size is quite big. Next, there are two statues of lions. Also, the park features several plants and grasses. These make a comfortable ambiance. All of these features are noticeable, so you can find the building easily.

Exploring Belitung Museum
Once you enter the museum, you can feel an outdated ambiance. The most visible items are old Chinese ceramics. There are also other ancient ornaments like bowls, jugs, and much more. These items were the reminiscences of Sung, Wangsa, Yuan, and Ming Era. In the same room, you can also find some ceramics from Thailand. The museum holds many unique items. However, you can also find fishes. The most popular one is paiche. It is the fishes living in Amazon River. Also, it is one of the biggest fishes in the world.

The next attraction is the treasure room. As the name suggests, it holds many ancient treasures of shipwrecks. The best part is the air conditioner. Visitors won’t suffer the heat. The room is professionally managed as well. It is neat and represents Belitung’s culture. Also, you can see numerous treasure posters telling about the finding of treasures in Belitung Sea. The values are more than thousands of Dollar. When it comes to the best treasures, there is Batu Hitam. It contains several gold bars from Wangsa Tang Era.

In the back part of Belitung Museum, you can find several glass cabinets. These contain different types of rocks and metal ores. There is also a mock-up. It explains the procedure of tin mining. You can learn how the miners extract the ores in Palembang Well, the use of a steel dredger, and the procedure of tin ore smelting. Overall, the museum is worth a visit. It is recommended for those who want to learn more about Belitung’s treasures and mining.

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How to Get There
From Jakarta, you can either take an airplane or a ferry. By sea, you should head to Tanjung Pandan Port. From here, your destination is Lenggang Village. By air, you must reach Hanandjoeddin Airport. Next, you can take a taxi or ojeck to Lenggang. Belitung Museum is easy to reach, actually. Once you fill in the guest book, you can explore unique items inside.

Where to Stay

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