Trekking in Tajam Mountain – the Highest Mountain of Belitung Island

For trekkers, exotic mountains are indeed worth a visit. In Belitung Island, you can find Tajam Mountain. As the tallest mountain in Belitung, Tajam becomes a priority among trekkers and tourists. The height is about 515 meters. The location is in Air Pegantungan Village. It is reachable either from Tanjung Pandan or Hanandjoeddin Airport. In the past, the mountain became a hidden spot for the Dutch Army. It was also the location of TVRI’s relay tower. Today, the mountain becomes tourists’ favorite destination.

The Nuance
From afar, the mountain looks like a postule. You can call it the pimple of nature. As the name suggests, the mountain soars high. Tajam means “pointed”, after all. Most of the parts of the mountain are covered by wild trees and bushes. These make a flawless location for trekking. If you look up to the sky, you can see the cloudless sphere. One thing, you should come during the hot season. It is to avoid heavy rains. Trekking is not comfortable during the rainy season, after all.

Exploring Tajam Mountain
Tajam Mountain is the home of numerous tourist attractions. Before you reach the mountain, you may find a famous Gurok Beraye Waterfall. It is a good checkpoint. Make sure you feel the refreshing water of this fall prior to continuing your trip. It features natural spring, as well. The waterfall is only the beginning of your journey. Your primary destination is definitely the mountain. A good stamina and proper equipment are compulsory. It helps you explore Tajam Mountain in a safe manner.

Your next checkpoint is Abubakar Abdullah’s Tombstone. He had a significant influence in spreading Islam in nearby villages. He came from Aceh, actually. This location is considered sacred. Thus, you must respect such resting place. The tombstone is surrounded by trees, so it creates a calm ambiance. From here, you can witness the tip of Tajam Mountain. That means your journey is reaching its end. For a better adventure, you must come with a companion. A tour guide is a perfect choice.

During your trip to Tajam Mountain, you have an opportunity to encounter wild animals. The most common ones are monkeys. If you are lucky, you can even hear birds’ songs. The thing is Tajam features dense forests. It becomes the home of numerous animals. The combination of unspoiled charm and the serene atmosphere becomes the main attraction of this gorgeous mountain. It is safe to say that Tajam is trekkers’ haven. You don’t even need to carry much hiking items. That means beginners are allowed to explore the mountain. Apart from trekking, you can do other things like camping!

Nearby Attractions

  • Mandanau Island
  • Seliu Island

How to Get There
The trip to Membalong District is going to be lengthy. From Tanjung Pandan, you must take Membalong Raya Street. The distance is 70 km. Once you reach Membalong, your next destination is Air Pegantungan Village. No worries. It takes only a few minutes. If necessary, you should hire a tour guide. He or she will help you to reach the mountain easily.

Where to Stay

  • Arumdalu Private Resort.

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