Rebo Village

Explore the hidden gem of Rebo village in Bangka Belitung. In Rebo village, you will be immersed in the local traditions of the area and discover solitude beaches allowing for privacy and peace for you and your fellow travelers. The village is located south of Sungailiat city and 30 kilometers from Pangkal Pinang.

Rebo village has a population of 4562 people. The local villagers work mainly as fisherman, farmers or as tin miners. Tin mining is an important part of the history of Rebo and dates back to 1950 during the Dutch occupation. At present, Bangka Belitung is the largest exporter of tin in the world.

Another characteristic of Rebo village is the melting pot of different cultures living together in harmony. The majority of the residents of Rebo village are Chinese and Muslim. This creates an unique experience with mosques and temples alongside each other on the same streets.

The diversity of religions can even be found inside the temples. In the Puri Tri Agung temple three different Chinese beliefs, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism, come together to pray. Besides that, the temple is an inspirational and tolerant place, the temple also gives an uncanny view of the perfectly turquoise ocean.

Rebo village has three main beaches: Pantai Takari, Pantai Tikus Emus and Pantai Mang Kalok. However, more adventures can be found by exploring the coastline for smaller unknown beaches. The seaside of Rebo village is soft and sandy and it is surrounded by deep blue water which creates the perfect environment to swim, snorkel and dive.

The shops of Rebo village are filled with Kemplang. Kemplang is a typical cracker from Bangka made from tapioca, fresh fish or squid, flavoring, and salt. The cracker is baked in sand which creates its unique crunchy bite. You can witness the production process at one of the many Kemplang factories. The local factory owners are very welcoming and love to show you around.

The fact that this village is not a highly developed touristic spot allows you to witness the real daily life of the villagers. The people are sincerely interested in foreigners and they are enthusiastic to share their culture. The absence of tourists creates also a calm environment, so you can fully enjoy the temples and beaches to relax. So visit Rebo village for an authentic experience of Indonesia.

Nearby attractions

  • Puri Tri Agung temple
  • Jaya Bhakti temple
  • Pagoda Nusantara
  • Pantai Takari
  • Pantai Tikus Emus
  • Pantai Mang Kalok

How to Get There
Rebo village is located closely to Pangkal Pinang City. It is a 40 minutes scooter ride about 30 kilometers. It is easy, because it is one straight line on the main road. The road is well maintained, so you don’t have to worry about your bike.

Where to Stay
Tourism in Rebo village is limited. Therefore stay at a homestay and integrate into the local culture.
If you are seeking more comfort, you can stay in a hotel in Sungailiat. The city is 10 minutes away by bike. You can also choose the nearest resort, Tanjung Pesona resort, that we strongly recommend.

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