Balok King’s Tombstone in Dendang District, East Belitung

A vacation to Belitung Island is worth a thousand of fun. It is because you can find limitless tourist spots. Beaches and mountains are common options, for sure. However, you can enjoy religious tourism as well. Dendang District, there is a famous site called Balok King’s Tombstone. It is situated in Balok Village. As the name suggests, it is an emperor’s gravestone. This unique cenotaph is situated in the midst of a forest. Local government takes a good care of this area. That means you can expect a soothing environment there.

The Nuance
Once you reach the tombstone, you can see a wooden nameplate. It shows information regarding the site, which is Ka Gede Yakub. He was the first king of Balok. Another data is the year of his birth and death. It is written 1618-1661. That means Yakub lived for 43 years. Next, it is the tombstone. An open structure protects the graveyard so it is safe from the rains and heat. Even though there is no written restriction, tourists shouldn’t act carelessly near to it.

Exploring Balok King’s Tombstone
Most tourists come there for religious tourism. It becomes a good place to find peace. Actually, there are two tombstones in that location. They are located close to each other. The big one belongs to Ki Gede Yakub. The smaller one belongs to his wife, Nyi Ayu Kusuma. For more information, you can talk to the keeper. Both of the tombstones emit magical ambiance as if they are touching your soul.

The tombstone has been an interesting religious site in East Belitung. Well, each person has a distinct reason for visiting such place. It can be as simple as spiritual relaxation. That means you can replenish your divine quality. At least, that tombstone can remind you of the ethereal realm. This makes you closer to God. Not to mention you can learn the culture and history of the first Balok’s King. There is a caretaker nearby. He is your source of information.

Balok King’s Tombstone is indeed a historical site. It holds an important story, as well. Perhaps some of you have learned it from a book. Though, it will be interesting if you could see the tombstone directly. Balok is a unique name. It means a beam. According to the locals, the king threw a golden beam into a river. It was because his sons fought to each other in order to own such valuable thing. Though, it is only a story. No one knows the real meaning behind the name.

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How to Get There
Your destination is definitely Dendang District. If you come from Tanjung Pandan City, you must take Badau and Dendang Street. This is the fastest route to reach the Balok King’s Tombstone. The trip takes less than an hour. The distance is about 41 km. Next, you must head to Balok Village. It takes a little bit trekking to reach such sacred gravestone. Have no fear. It is a worthy effort.

Where to Stay

  • Horison Belitung
  • Hanggar 21 Hotel

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