Tin Museum in Pangkal Pinang City, Bangka Island

Pangkal Pinang City is the capital of Bangka Island. It is the home of many tourist lures, actually. One of them is located it Batin Tikal. The exact location is in Ahmad Yani Street. The name is Tin Museum. The fact is it’s one of a kind in Asia. It features an old building, which is the heritage of the Dutch Colonialism. No wonder, the building has significant characteristics of the Dutch architecture. Due to its uniqueness and historical value, many visitors come to this museum over time.

The Nuance
In front of Tin Museum, you can find a unique yard. It features plants and grasses. What’s more? There is an old locomotive. The color is black and the size isn’t quite big. This type of locomotive was used during the invasion of the Dutch. It had a significant function in tin mining back then. Near to it, you can see a statue of a mining container. These two features become the main icons of the museum. Thanks to them. Tourists can find the museum easily.

Exploring Tin Museum
Most of the visitors come to the museum to learn the history of ancient tin mining. It displays the mining diorama of the 17th century during the Palembang Sultanate. The main attractions are the photographs and old mining tools. All of them radiate a distinct value. Thanks to the keepers, these valuable things are managed well. These include neat displays, good lightning, and appealing decorations. Just like regular museums, tourists aren’t allowed to take pictures illegally. Make sure you have obtained permission first.

Next, Tin Museum holds a mysterious aura. In fact, a keeper often experienced uncommon things back then. There is no proof, though. Despite this story, tourists keep coming to the museum. It is because they visit it at noon. According to the keeper, the museum is always crowded. Though, the most swarming time is during holidays. Most of the visitors are families. The parents want to introduce tin mining history to their kids. Sometimes, you may meet a group of tourists as well.

Another attraction in Tin Museum is the live handicrafts making. The main substance is the tin ores. There are 6 crafters or pewters in the museum. This is quite a stunning attraction. Also, you are allowed to buy some tin souvenirs. These come at different size and prices. The most popular items are sailing boats and dredges. These items are all made of tin. On top of that, the pewters accept custom orders. You can request a customized handicraft from them. One thing, it takes much time and money. Make sure you know this prior to ordering.

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How to Get There
From Jakarta, you can take a ferry to Belinyu Port, Bangka Island. From here, you should take a bus or a car to Pangkal Pinang. Before reaching the main city, you may pass through Batin Tikal District. This is your destination. Tin Museum is located in Ahmad Yani Street, so it is noticeable. The trip from Jakarta to Batin Tikal takes much time, though.

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