Lampu Island in Belinyu District, Bangka Island

The best thing about Bangka Belitung Province is its beaches. In Belinyu District, you can even find a stunning spot called Lampu Island. Actually, it has the same appearances and nuance as Belitung’s Lengkuas Island. Not to mention it also features a watchtower. Some people call it the Lengkuas of Bangka. The island is named after its lighthouse, actually. Lampu means “light”. The island becomes the source of light for incoming boats. Apart from that, there is another name of the island. The locals call it Pelepas Island.

The Nuance
The first impression is its size. Lampu Island isn’t quite big. Though, it is the home of various tourist lures. From afar, you can see green and thick trees. In the shoreline, there are numerous sizes of granites. They look gorgeous! Near to it, there is the famous lighthouse. It has a similar shape and color of other lighthouses. When it comes to the seawater, it emits calm and mysterious nuance. The waves aren’t strong either. The color of the sea is green Tosca. 

Exploring Lampu Island
A lighthouse becomes an icon of Lampu Island. That structure was a heritage of the Dutch. The height is 50 meters. The locals gave it a name, which is HM Koningin Wilhelmina. This tower has been on the island since 1893. Apart from its historical value, it becomes a perfect spot for sightseeing. From above, you can witness the flawless beauty of the sea and Bangka Island.  It is true you must climb some stairs to reach the top of the lighthouse. Though, it is a worthy effort. 

Next, you can play water in Lampu Island. Due to its clarity, the beach is suitable for any types of water sports. The best part is there are not many visitors. That means you can play wholeheartedly. Some of the recommended activities are fishing, beach soccer, snorkeling, swimming, and much more. You can consider the island as your private property, actually. One thing, you can’t find facilities. If you want to conduct snorkeling, you must have prepared the equipment beforehand. 

Another fun activity in Lampu Island is beach walking. Tourists are allowed to roam around the island freely. There is a local settlement nearby, so you must drop by. They are famous for Anggrek Ice. This fresh beverage may replenish your stamina. Also, nature is solemn. The beach becomes your source of peace. It is also possible to rent a boat. Make sure you have learned some skills for bargaining. It is because some fishermen put too much price for the boat.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Pangkal Pinang, you should head to Belinyu District. It takes about 2 hours. The distance is approximately 89 km. The fastest route is through Sungai Liat – Pangkal Pinang Steet. Next, you need to use Belinyu – Lumut Street. The thing is you should cross the sea to reach the island. In this case, there is a speedboat service nearby. No worries. The fee is affordable.

Where to Stay

  • Sam Pesaren Hotel and Resort
  • Golden Dragon Hotel

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