An Adventure in Samak Hill, East Belitung

East Belitung holds a solemn tourist spot. The name is Samak Hill. It is located in Lalang Village, Manggar. In this location, you can see many features. For example, there is lodging. It applies the Dutch architecture. You can also find a mini tourism park and local stands. From the hill, you are able to witness open sea scenery. For those who love nature, Samak should be a top tourist destination. The color combination of nature is definitely amazing. No worries. It doesn’t take much effort to reach the top of the hill.

The Nuance
Samak Hill is surrounded by wild and shady trees. The name Samak derives from dense plants. Thus, this location is suitable for relaxation. Actually, the locals also call it Teropong Hill. Teropong means “field glasses”. It is because you can find a telescope for sightseeing. No worries. You won’t get lost. There are some keepers nearby. That means you can gather information and tips regarding the best spots to explore. The best attractions are the ships in the Olie Pier. On top of that, the atmosphere is quite cool.

Sightseeing in Samak Hill
As mentioned earlier, Samak Hill is the best location for sightseeing. Apart from Olie Pier, you can witness other charms. Beautiful beaches aren’t the exception. Some of the great views are Nyiur Melambai and Keramat Beach. Moreover, you are able to see Karimata Strait. For the best experience, you should use the peeper. All of these views are worth to explore. It is better to come with your families or friends. There are also several facilities like a gazebo, a small mosque, kids’ playground, toilet, and café.

Samak Hill features a hotel. It is similar to a villa. You can spend several days comfortably. It is located in a highland, so you may expect cool air and atmosphere. Apart from sightseeing, you can do photography. The hill offers different types of objects. As a photographer, you will have many ideas. This includes the solar eclipse. In order to witness such moment, you need to know the schedule. That means it is only an occasional moment, so you need to be prepared.

Preparation is everything. If you are visiting Samak Hill, you must bring some vital things. The most important item is a leather jacket. The cold weather can be uncomfortable sometimes. Due to this reason, you should keep it warm. A leather jacket keeps you cozy and warm. Also, you should not ignore sweaters, mufflers, and other similar items. For those who love photography, a digital camera is a must.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
Your primary destination is Lalang Village. It is in Manggar District. From Tanjung Pandan, the distance is about 80 km. You can use either a rented car or an ojeck. The cost varies, though. It depends on the season. Once you reach the location, you should pay an entry fee.

Where to Stay
Cottage Gubok Berangsai is a featured hotel in Samak Hill. Thus, it is the most recommended option of accommodation. There are many facilities included such as a playground, meeting room, café, restaurant, etc.

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