Ketawai Island in Koba District, Bangka Island

There are many things to do in Bangka Island. If you are looking for nature tourism, you must head to Ketawai Island. The location is in Koba District. It is known as the home of unspoiled nautical beauty. Due to this reason, most of the visitors come there for snorkeling. It is also a perfect location for relaxation. Thanks to its solemn nature. Another favorite activity is the underwater photography. Thus, you may expect many visitors on the island. It is a small piece of paradise in Bangka Belitung Province.

The Nuance
The most noticeable feature in Ketawai Island is its huge nameplate. It says “KETAWAI”. This orange sign becomes a symbol of the island. In the back, you can find different types of trees. The most dominant one is a formation of coconut trees. If you come at the right time, you can drink fresh coconut near to the seashore. In fact, there are some benches nearby. When it comes to seawater, it is blue and clear. The waves are small, so you can play in the water. Have no fear. It is safe

Exploring Ketawai Island
One of the reasons to visit Ketawai Island is the trip. Your journey is going to be fun and meaningful. Along the way, you may encounter a formation of mangroves. In the sea, there are some fishermen on their boats. It is a unique sight! Once you reach the location, you can see unspoiled loveliness. The island offers many types of adventure. First things come first. You must replenish your stamina. The trip makes you tired, for sure. Here is an idea. Why don’t you grab some fresh coconut drinks? These are available in Ketawai!

Once you enjoy cold drinks, it is time to your first activity. Ketawai Island is famous for its stunning beach. The water is quite tempting, too. Most of the tourists love snorkeling. You can do this, as well. One thing, you should have prepared your snorkeling gears beforehand. The water offers moderate visibility. Everyone can see coral reefs and fishes clearly. If you don’t like snorkeling, there is a jet ski. You can explore the shorelines with it. Make sure to pay the rent fee, though.

What’s next? In Ketawai Island, tourists are allowed to camp! The island features a vast land, so it is suitable for camping. Once again, you must prepare the gears and equipment. A camping ground in Ketawai becomes more popular these days. That means tourists don’t need a hotel room. On top of that, it is an opportunity to get closer to nature. 

Nearby Attractions

  • Tanjung Berikat Beach
  • Pading Hill
  • Sumur Tujuh Koba Beach
  • Sedap Koba Waterfall

How to Get There

Ketawai Island belongs to Koba District. If you come from Pangkal Pinang, you should spend at least 1 hour and 10 minutes. The distance from the main city is 55 km. It can be faster with usual traffic. The route is Pangkal Pinang – Namang Street. Next, you should turn to Koba Street. The last journey involves a local fisherman’s boat. You can rent them affordably. 

Where to Stay

  • Menumbing Heritage Hotel
  • Grand Mutiara Hotel
  • Tanjung Berikat Resort
  • Novotel Bangka

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